6 Tips for Managing Ads Across Multiple Platforms

April 6, 2020

When you’re promoting your brand, you need to be where your customers are. And that can vary based on your product or service offering—a consumer-driven brand might do best on Facebook, while niche B2B-focused ads might work better to promote on Google’s ad platform, which draws in a broader demographic range of customers. 

And while those two platforms alone cover two-thirds of potential audiences, you’re missing out on 33% of your potential customer base if you only focus on them rather than niche publishers. In this difficult economic environment, it’s important to ensure that you’re reaching the right platform to generate the best ROI possible for your advertising budget, which has likely seen considerable reductions. In order to convert marketing spend into new revenue, you need to be laser-focused on analyzing your ad performance to generate best-in-class results.

In order to optimize your ad spend across multiple platforms, try these strategies:

  • Research
    Get to know who your buyer is. Who is she, what are her interests, and where does she spend her time online? This will help you to shape your messaging strategy and your marketing plan accordingly, focusing on the types of ads to display across multiple platforms and where to focus (i.e., PPC ads, social media ads, etc.).
  • Test
    Once you have a hypothesis, it’s important to validate it. Do a small spend across each prospective ad platform you’re considering to verify the reach and analyze the cost per click or cost per acquisition. Are they meeting your benchmark goals? Test out multiple ads so that you can assess which messaging is the most effective for each platform. 
  • Expand
    After you’ve found your winners and losers, invest in the most relevant and high-performing ad campaigns on your platforms of choice. Continue tweaking and iterating your messaging and creative so that you can incrementally improve your ad performance.
  • Retarget
    Retargeting refers to the practice of showing an ad to a user who’s previously expressed interest in your product, either by visiting your site or clicking on an email link. You can use ad platforms like Google and Facebook to show these users your ads repeatedly as they travel across the web, including ads based on the specific web page they’d previously visited. More about retargeting.
  • Streamline
    It can be difficult and clunky to manage ads by logging into multiple platforms and copying your data over into a spreadsheet, and you’re likely to spend far too much time measuring performance. Instead, use a multiplatform retargeting solution to manage all your ad campaigns in different platforms across the internet. This will help you reduce wasted time on managing your ads, and give you better visibility to help you make the most of your spend.

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Kathleen Davis

Kathleen Davis

Marketing Manager - SharpSpring Ads: Kathleen is an enthusiastic marketer experienced in marketing automation, campaign management, and digital analytics. She's previously worked on direct mail campaigns, spear-headed lead generation efforts, and managed the marketing intern program at SharpSpring.
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