Online Sales Sluggish? Web Retargeting Will Energize Your Business

There is a way to get dramatic results from your marketing efforts with ad click-through rates that will energize your enterprise. Incorporate web ad retargeting campaigns with SharpSpring Ads into your integrated marketing strategy.

Want to Grow Your Business? 

What is retargeting and what makes it so highly effective? Let’s say a potential customer visits your website and views a product or even adds it to a shopping cart but then abandons it. A retargeting campaign reminds visitors about your brand with ads promoting your products served to them wherever they go online.

In fact, you’ve likely seen retargeted ads in your own social media feeds or at different websites you’ve visited. It’s no coincidence that an ad for the shoes you were thinking of buying seems to pop up no matter where you are on the web. That’s retargeting.

What makes retargeting so effective is that most consumers won’t typically purchase unless they encounter a brand at least seven times. And unlike traditional display ads, retargeted ads only appear to those who have already engaged with your brand.

How effective is retargeting? Consider the following:

Greater engagement
Retargeted ads can increase engagement with your brand by as much as 400%. Imagine going from 100 website visitors a month to 500!

Increased click-through rates (CTR)
The average CTR for traditional display ads is 0.07%, while retargeted ads garner a fantastic 0.7% CTR.

Improved visibility
Some 60% of online shoppers in the U.S. say they notice ads for products they’ve researched on other websites.cing and distributing radio or TV ads.

Reclaimed customers
Retargeting consumers who have abandoned a cart at your site can increase conversions by up to 26%.

Better Return on Investment
Web retargeting is far more affordable and cost-effective when compared with the cost of producing and distributing radio or TV ads.

Need New Customers? 

Is the line on your sales chart that reflects revenue generated static? Worse, is it plummeting downward? Are you spending more on ads than you are generating in sales? A retargeting campaign with SharpSpring Ads can reverse those downward trends.

When you use SharpSpring Ads to create and manage your retargeting campaigns, you leverage the traffic you already receive by serving ads directly to warm leads. SharpSpring Ads enables you to maximize the impact of your ads by serving them to people across 100,000 websites, including Google, Microsoft, OpenX, and Rubicon Project networks.

  • Ad conversion and revenue tracking so you can measure your ad’s impact and adjust your creative accordingly.
  • Effective targeting, which is perfect for building brand visibility and awareness, so you reach your ideal customers who are far more likely to convert.
  • Cross-device targeting so your ads are served to customers no matter how they access the internet, whether on desktop, mobile device, or tablet.
  • A dynamic reporting tool that makes it easy to generate campaign performance reports.
  • Detailed Analytics. Providing you with key stats updated every two hours to show you the number of clicks, conversions, and revenue your ads have generated.
  • Helpful calendar picker that allows you to choose preselected dates to receive reports on ad performance data.

Want To Make More From Your Ads? 

There are nearly 299 million people in the U.S. online and 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. If you want to profit from your advertising, the web is clearly the place to do it. And that’s precisely why poor digital ad performance can be so exasperating. You know your customers are out there… So how do you get them to buy what you’re selling?

A retargeting campaign with SharpSpring Ads will prove to be one of the most valuable components of your integrated marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Not Sure Who Needs To See Your Ads?

Sure, there are more than 4 billion people online around the world. That doesn’t mean they’re all your ideal customers. Finding the right customers is the key to starting a retargeting campaign with SharpSpring Ads.

Begin by installing the site tracking tag on your website. This little bit of Java code called a “cookie” will track your website visitors online even after they leave your site. (Important: cookies are strictly a tracking code. They do not compromise your client’s identity or personal information.) 

Once you’ve installed the tag, you’ll want to create your audience based on what you know about the people who have already visited your site. Consider factors such as age, gender, education, income, location, and more. The SharpSpring segmenting tool will help you define audiences you think could potentially become your customers.

SharpSpring Ads creates one default audience to get you going. You’ll want to create additional audiences as you go for better targeting.

Tired of One-Off Sales? Build Long-Term Customer Relationships When You Define Your Goals

What is a conversion goal? It’s simply the action you’d like your potential customer to take when they see your ad. In other words, watch a video, sign up for a free offer, click through and shop your website or purchase a product.

Underperforming Ads?  Get Outstanding Engagement When You Create Effective Retargeted Ads

There are many components to a successful online marketing campaign, including the quality of the ads you’re placing. If your ads are reaching your target audience but are underperforming, it’s critical that you review all the elements of your ad’s creative and apply best practices.

For example, how many different sizes of ads are you creating? If you only include one or two sizes with your campaigns, you will miss opportunities to serve banner ads on sites that use other ad formats. 

SharpSpring Ads accepts banners in the following sizes:

  • 300×250
  • 728×90
  • 160×600
  • 300×600
  • 468×60
  • 120×600
  • 970×250
  • 970×90
  • 320×100
  • 336×280

Ads Being Ignored?

Want your web retargeting campaign to really pay off? Consider these three options for turbo-charging your SharpSpring Ads to see even better results.

Blacklisting Domains To Boost ROI
Some domains perform better than others. Low-performing domains can be a drain on your budget when the money can be more effectively spent elsewhere. Many ad platforms do not show you where your ads are served. You just have to take their word for it.

At SharpSpring Ads, you’ll see every website where your ads were served and you can remove the sites you don’t want to show up on.

Geo-Target Your Campaign

If you’re a local business owner like a car dealership, restaurant, or salon and all your customers are local, there’s no need to serve your ads to people in other cities or countries. Geo Targeting restricts ad service to specific geographic locations, so your ads are only seen by those who’ll want to purchase from you. 

When Geo Targeting your ads, you can choose Designated Market Areas (DMA) such as greater Los Angeles or the greater New York area. Enterprise customers can take advantage of ZIP code targeting if theirs is a precise market location. 

Web Retargeting With SharpSpring Ads – Hit The Mark Every Time

Your business is too important to take chances with your marketing. You want a proven, cost-effectiave way to get more traffic, greater engagement, increased clicks, improved visibility, repeat business, and an impressive return on investment. Web retargeting with SharpSpring Ads will hit the mark every time.

Marketers project that e-commerce sales in the U.S. will increase by $908.73 billion in 2021. Web retargeting together with SharpSpring Ads will successfully market your business to all those consumers who continue to shop online.

Find out if Web Retargeting with SharpSpring Ads is right for your business. New to SharpSpring Ads? Sign up for a free demo today. Already a customer? Why not upgrade to more features and even more dramatic results?

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