SharpSpring’s incredible marketing automation tools deserve an easy-to-use CRM, so we are focusing our energy on building an additional CRM for your clients not currently using a CRM. Our new CRM will also be available for your agency to use at no additional cost. We’re weeks away from pulling back the curtain on this project.

Along the way, we’ve also added new features to SharpSpring and upgraded our design. Check it out: From the contact pages to emails, we’re polishing our interface for optimal usability.

Everyday, our CRM is improving. We’re testing it with our sales process to finalize the details. We are planning on a February release.

When we get them, we fix them. See the list below.

New Homes For Emails

The super-organized SharpSpring users no longer need to break into a cold sweat when they are looking for an email. We got your back. Our new folders allow you to cleanly organize your emails and quickly navigate to the email you need.

Your Leads Look Better

We gave our Contact Pages a facelift. The new design showcases all the leads important information on one screen, and we made editing this information even easier. You can simply edit the information directly on the page without navigating to a different page.

More Automated Actions

Our passion for automation is growing. If it can be done on the computer, we want to find a way to automate it. Our latest additions to our automation abilities include adding or removing a lead from a list and changing the field value of a lead’s custom field (we find this one particularly helpful).

Lindsey Sherman