The eternal agency struggle: How can I get more clients?

To help you out, we polled some agencies on our list and asked them what they do to attract, engage and convert new clients. We then compiled the best answers into this blog post to provide you with some new ideas – or if you’re already using these strategies, to reassure you that you’re on the right track.

Now, let’s hear how these agencies get more clients…



Series 5 Web Design & SEO

Referrals. There is something so powerful about a current client telling someone about your services. Not only does it almost seal the deal before I even know it’s happening, but it also reinforces the client’s satisfaction with us. There’s a big difference between a client saying they are happy and actually telling others about you. Referrals have a 95% close rate for me and tend to be the easiest clients to deal with.”




5Four Digital

Content marketing. We create weekly video blog content that answers user questions with actionable marketing tips and tactics. Showing our experience and results in this way solidifies us as leaders in our field.”




Dot Rise SEO UK

“We offer a free digital marketing workshop. The workshop runs for 90 minutes and is divided into two sections – basic SEO that any business can do and best practices for Facebook advertising. We offer workbooks, cheat-sheets and more, with the goal of providing insane value and getting people to come back for more. We follow up via email 3-4 days after the event and then again after about 10-15 days. Most businesses love what we present but don’t have the time to implement the strategies themselves – so about 60% end up asking us to help them.”





“Find an industry association that publishes a members list with email addresses. Join the association if necessary to get access to it. Then run facebook ad campaigns targeting those email addresses. You’ll find that just about all of them belong to business owners.”




Bright Design

Good old referrals! They are literally the best leads and so easy to close. Specializing in local SEO in the UK, we actively ask our clients to refer us to their families and friends for an initial chat about their current businesses or any business ideas they might have. We have over 70 clients in a variety of niches, so it’s easy to showcase our previous successes to prospects and assure them we can provide them with the same results.”




POP Advertising Partners

“I do in-person seminars where I teach business owners how to optimize their Google My Business and Maps listings, so they can get more leads without doing technical SEO. The seminars are completely free for attendees, and I always get a few clients out of it.”




Phil Graham Digital Marketing Agency

“By far, it’s using Facebook Ads – but not like how most people use them. I give value first, before asking for anything, even an opt-in. Helping people without asking anything in exchange not only establishes your credibility, but it’s pretty much the opposite of what everyone else does. You’ll stand out and create win-win situations that bring you ROI.”




Skyira Digital Marketing

Referrals. Sure, they’re not as sexy as Facebook Ads or as ballsy as cold calling, but they work. The majority of my clients, especially the really good ones, have come to me via a referral from a colleague, a business I’ve worked with, or something else along those lines.”


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Andrew Dod
Lindsey Sherman

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