There are lots of different ways to retain clients, and results can vary dramatically for different businesses. However, there are a few golden rules that any successful client retention strategy must follow.

Last month, we shared how agencies find and attract clients. This time, we asked those same agencies what they do to keep clients around for the long haul, and we found that communication and transparency were at the core of all of their responses.

Let’s check out what agencies have to say about retaining clients…


XSynesis, LLC
“In my experience, client retention starts during the sales process in the form of setting proper expectations. If you tell a client they’ll get monthly reports and phone calls from an account manager, then they will expect nothing less than that. Be clear about what you can provide – deliverables, results, etc. – as well as the timeframe in which you can provide it, and then be sure to follow through.”




POP Advertising Partners
“We’ve been able to perfect our reporting, so we can send out monthly reports of keyword rankings, analytics and work that was completed. It’s mostly automated, so it doesn’t take much time anymore, but it goes a long way in keeping customers satisfied and in the loop.”




5Four Digital
“Regular conversation. We call clients one or two times per month and send out bi-weekly emails to let them know how strategies are performing. It depends on the client, of course, but most of them appreciate getting consistent status updates on the efforts they’re paying for.”


“Proactive account management. Sounds simple, because it is. If something isn’t working, we need to figure out a solution before the client has time to come to us. That way, we can either fix the problem before it’s even noticed, or proactively give the client information on when it’ll be solved. It shocks me how many agencies don’t follow this basic practice and instead wait for clients to come to them.”




Risr Marketing
“We’re obsessively transparent. We provide custom live dashboards, and our dedicated account managers hold regular strategy calls with clients and are available anytime via phone or email. We’ve found all of this makes our clients feel heavily involved in what we’re doing for them and that they’re more loyal as a result.”




Dynamik Internet Marketing
“Consistent ROI reporting, weekly touch-points, and treating all client campaigns as if they were for our own agency – this is the baseline of our retention strategy. Then, every three months or so, we ask ourselves what we can do to make the client say, ‘Wow, they are awesome marketers.’ This is where we do something above and beyond what’s expected, and that’s usually the point at which clients start referring other businesses to us.”




Dot Rise SEO UK
“Communication. Be as transparent as possible with clients. Educate them in what you are doing. Keep them updated on any technical changes as you would with fellow colleagues. Some won’t care, but others will be interested. Giving clients an ‘inside scoop’ helps you build and maintain their trust.”


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Andrew Dod
Design Team