The new SharpSpring Agency Growth Series features a curated lineup of some of the top influencers in digital marketing. We could not be more excited about the awesome group of great minds we were lucky enough to pull together for this fun and informative agency-focused series.

The free series is made up of 14 unique web sessions, all with a livestream Q&A segment, and all focused on helping agencies accelerate their growth.

Sessions feature digital marketing superstars speaking candidly about the industry topics they know best and are most passionate about. And we want to make sure to share the love – so, in addition to providing recordings of the sessions and live Q&As, we’ll also be posting key takeaways here following each session.

Here’s a look at some favorite key takeaways pulled from our recent Agency Growth Series session “Selling Video Services to Clients” with best-selling author and host of award-winning YouTube series AmyTV, Amy Landino.

Amy Landino on the importance of having a clear objective in a video project

You need to get those real measurable results that your client is expecting out and in the open so we really know what kind of video is going to make sense for them. What does success look like? Is it conversion of customers? Most of the time, yes, that’s what everyone’s going for. But they may also be doing a more high-level brand awareness campaign. We’ve got to decide what is the main, biggest thing that we can do here to make sure we are choosing the right path and the right action plan for what video is going to be best in this situation. This also is going to help you a ton with focusing your scope of work.

Amy Landino on filling the content holes with your video

I would, first thing, really go to where you’re going to post and see has anyone done this before? What does it look like when this has been done in the past? On YouTube, what I like to do is go and see what the search results for this. And I like to see what people have done in terms of videos. Not because I’m going to do something similar, but to see like, how can I make sure I continue to close the loop better on this? Like, was anybody left hanging? What is this? What does the landscape look like for answering this question right now?

Amy Landino on advocating for video

When you educate through video, you advocate for video. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that 100%, 100% of my clients in either of my businesses have found us because of video that we have created. It’s not always about what our solutions are. It’s not always about what our products are. But it is helpful. And the biggest way we’ve got we’re getting people to talk about video is to simply have them watch one.

Amy Landino on making sure video’s the right creative channel for a client

A lot of companies I have noticed in my career when live video became very popular on different platforms for different reasons, wanted to go down that road, but didn’t actually have a unique idea that would make live make sense or their idea was for video but when you actually heard it out and what it could have been, maybe it was just good enough as a podcast, maybe it was better as a podcast, maybe it wasn’t any of those things at all. So really, the question here is why video? How are we going to work in all the senses or how are we going to leverage the features for the right reasons with live video? It needs to be interactive.

Amy Landino on providing a service through video

To me, customer service is the best, best video we can see out there. Meet your customer where they are today and do something to offer them a service, no strings attached. You might call them tutorials or how-to videos if you teach them what they want to know, provide that service, allow people to know that you will be here for them even if they’re not a customer for you right now. Can you teach someone how to paint something? And then maybe also mentioned you happen to sell the paint. But first and foremost, give them the knowledge that they need to be able to make that purchase decision at some point. Providing a service is huge.

If you’re looking to watch Amy Landino’s full-length Agency Growth Series session, you can find the recording on our website right now!

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