SharpSpring can’t give you back an hour of sleep. However, we have plenty of updates to share with you, which will provide for a restful night’s sleep. SharpSpring marketing automation continues to give your clients all the tools they need to automate their marketing strategy.

Increased recognition 

SharpSpring continues to surprise people with it’s marketing automation software. SharpSpring founder and CEO Rick Carlson was interviewed by Crazy Egg. The interview covers a wide-range of topics regarding the usefulness of marketing automation.

Export data from the pipeline

SharpSpring now allows users to export data from the pipeline to a CSV file.

Here’s how to do it with SharpSpring:

1. Go to “Sales”—>Pipeline
2. Click the Gear symbol in the top left part of the screen
3. Click “Export to CSV”

Block Unwanted VisitorID’s

SharpSpring now allows you to blacklist or block VisitorID’s by domain, company name or IP address. The VisitorID is how you identify people who access your website.

For the most part, you want all the data you can get for pursuing leads.

However, there may be certain websites or companies that you don’t want to appear as leads. The blacklist option allows you to block those people.

The other reason is you might want to block your own domain, so your employees won’t show up as potential leads just for accessing the website.

Here is how to blacklist an unwanted VisitorID:

1. In SharpSpring, click on your name icon in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Click settings
3. Go to the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
4. Look under the submenu that says “Features.”
5. Click on the VisitorID link at the bottom of the submenu.
6. Click on the tab that says “Blacklisted Items.”
7. From there you can enter the domain name, IP address or company name that you want to ignore.

From here on out, the blacklisted VisitorID will no longer appear as a prospective lead.

Text Alerts

SharpSpring agency partners can now receive text alerts, which will make tracking the progress of your marketing automation strategy easier than ever.

Whether you’re sitting in front of a PC or relaxing at the beach with a Mojito in hand, you will have access to SharpSpring wherever you go.

Here’s how to set up a text alert notification:
1. Select “Automation” in the top menu of SharpSpring.
2. In the sub menu, select “Workflows”
3. Select the particular workflow you want to use for the text alert notification.
4. Go down to the “Events” section of the workflow
5. Select when you want to send the alert.
6. In the 2nd drop-down menu, select “send the notification to” option. It is the 2nd option, in the drop-down menu and should not be hard to find.
7. Select who you want to receive the alert.
8. In the final drop-down menu, choose the method in which the notification is to be delivered. The default option is email. However, if you click on the drop down menu you will see the text message option.
9. Click on the text message option and hit the “Add Action” button.
10. Now you have successfully setup a text alert notification for a workflow.

Tracking Code

SharpSpring now has a tracking code diagnostic tool to compare the DB tracking code against what is present on a customer’s domain.

Isabel Hasty
Isabel Hasty writes and edits case studies to share client success stories and industry trends. She produces a variety of lead-generation content, including white papers, blogs, infographics, and thought leadership articles.