Agency Partner Update: Empowering Our Partners

chrislandman - Thu, February 13, 2014

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, and

although we haven’t automated love, we’re pretty close to automating everything else. We have wave of updates to share with you. And yes, the CRM is coming

very soon.

Hope you love these updates as much we do.

Partner Update

Have a technical question? Simply email

and a member of support team will get back to you.


Tweet Tracking

As we enrich our social media integration, we are turning

our attention towards tracking leads Twitter activity.


Empowering Our Partners

Our success is tied to the success of each agency partner,

so we are investing our time and energy in building a powerful support team. We

are adding systems to improve communication. We are developing educational

tools to inspire your marketing automation strategies, and we are creating a

library of explanations to technical questions.

Don’t forget our new email address

for all your questions and needs.


Automatic Awesomeness

The list keeps growing. We’ve added more behaviors to

trigger automations. The most recent additions include the ability to specify a

leads membership in a campaign or list. This is helpful for ensuring specific

communication is limited to specific groups of leads.


Smarter E-Mail

With the addition of SmartMail, we’ve solved a common

situation in the sales process: a lead is very interested in making a purchase,

but would like you to circle back in a few weeks. Instead of marketing your

calendar to send email, SmartMail allows you to queue up the email immediately

and schedule it for delivery when the lead asked to reconnect.