Sales vs. Marketing…the eternal struggle.

You know the story: the sales team complains about poor lead quality, and the marketing team blames sales for not properly following up on the leads they’re given.

When sales and marketing aren’t working together, you’ll always struggle to meet your conversion goals. And because the internet has transformed the customer journey, sales and marketing must work together to increase revenue.

This means that winning customers is a team effort. You’ll need to align your sales and marketing to get the best results. How? With closed-loop marketing.

In this article, John Stone of Revenue Architects explains how he aligns marketing and sales to they can engage customers and close sales. Download now to learn how to:

  • Integrate your teams with a closed-loop process.
  • Capture end-to-end data with closed-loop reporting.
  • Set up the right marketing technology stack to support your teams

Koertni Adams