Discover how one SaaS company resurrected lost deals & increased site traffic more than 200%

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A Quick Overview

When Authenteq, an automatic identity verification and privacy SaaS platform, approached SharpSpring looking for a way to streamline lead qualification, they were:

  • Struggling to report metrics the sales team needed.
  • Wasting time on leads that weren’t generating revenue.
  • Experiencing problems with email tracking through their existing CRM.
  • Navigating a complicated suite of tools that provided lackluster KPI’s.

SharpSpring’s revenue growth platform proved to be a great match for Authenteq, quickly demonstrating real ROI by:

  • Providing quick and easy integration via the SharpSpring CRM migration tool.
  • Identifying key lead attributes the Authenteq sales team could act on fast.
  • Streamlining media tracking to provide metrics the sales team could act on.
  • Resurrecting previously cold leads and boosting site traffic significantly.

An Effective Approach

By partnering with SharpSpring for marketing automation, Authenteq was suddenly able to breathe new life into previously wasted leads while providing seamless integration with their SaaS platform. On top of that, they saved major time with lead scoring and workflows and synchronized communication for their sales team. It was effective and efficient – everything they’d been looking for!


Using SharpSpring’s CRM migration tool, Authenteq found themselves able to quickly map fields and upload 1,000+ contacts and their relevant deals from HubSpot. The ease of integration, coupled with SharpSpring’s 24/7 client support, made onboarding truly feel seamless.

“We chose to migrate to SharpSpring for sales and marketing automation and found onboarding to be an absolute pleasure. We had someone to turn to directly for each step of the way,”

–Jared Beasley, Authenteq CEO


Within the first 24 hours, Authenteq mapped their contact forms to native SharpSpring from JavaScript. All members of the sales team were also able to leverage Zoom integration. Now, when a prospect books time with a sales rep, a unique Zoom link is generated automatically and appears in the confirmation email.

Improved Marketing Insights

Integrating Google Ads, Authenteq now has insights beyond what ads receive the most clicks. The marketing team can watch traffic, match traffic to leads and follow what’s working and what isn’t. The team can easily see which specific clicks generate real revenue opportunities – this means no more wasted time chasing down the wrong leads.

Media Tracking

Authenteq converted all standard sales media into trackable links, helping their sales reps know exactly which content assets a prospect has viewed.

Lead Scoring

With SharpSpring Lead Scoring offering key indicators of which incoming leads are the most qualified, Authenteq’s sales team has been able to focus their efforts on lead conversion – insights that have led Authenteq to reengineer their website to tailor to their clients’ immediate wants.

Automated Workflows

Authenteq’s sales team learned the ease of marketing automation workflows and scoring leads in just one workshop — allowing the team to focus their time on the most promising leads from the very start.

The Ultimate Results

Authenteq tested the waters with an automated, plain text, drip campaign – and in doing so they resurrected seven legacy deals within just 24 hours — a total pipeline addition of €4.5million!

Prior to using SharpSpring, Authenteq’s martech stack hindered integration, preventing their sales team from identifying hot leads, seeing which clients were most engaged, and focusing on high-value clients. This led to deals slipping.

By partnering with SharpSpring, Authenteq was able to create an efficient bridge between marketing and sales to deliver greater business intelligence. Linking SharpSpring’s marketing automation and CRM, Authenteq saw first hand just how robust a tool SharpSpring truly was.

SharpSpring brought to the forefront a focus on building usable features that are constantly being innovated. This combination of both a dedicated team and a cutting-edge platform has resurrected deals and increased site traffic over 200% for Authenteq. According to Jared Beasley and his team, teaming up with SharpSpring had provided a refreshing change of pace (and an increase in sales!) to their SaaS world.

“SharpSpring’s revenue growth platform is a very robust tool. Easy to learn and easy to use, but robust. A linked marketing automation and CRM platform is vital to a thriving business. SharpSpring marketing automation has provided us with an efficient bridge between sales and marketing and delivered greater business intelligence.”

–Jared Beasley, Authenteq CEO

photo of Authenteq CEO, Jared Beasley
Jared Beasley