Until recently, digital marketing has seemed out of reach for small businesses. Once upon a time, mom-and-pop retail stores or other small brick-and mortars could only dream of competing online with the “big guys.” But now that more affordable marketing automation solutions have become available, it opens the door for more revenue opportunities for those smaller businesses.

But even with an affordable marketing automation platform, how can a brick-and-mortar business move into digital marketing space when it’s so difficult to get customers to opt-in to an email list?

In this article, Rafael Zabala of Interactive Marketing explains how he helps his brick-and-and mortar clients stay competitive and grow their reach. Download now to learn:

  • How to turn your free wifi offering into a lead gen machine
  • How to garner more reviews through email marketing campaigns
  • How Rafael’s agency helped one client increase reviews by 200% using SharpSpring
Koertni Adams