Offering up multiple digital marketing tools for your clients under one umbrella of services is a given for most agencies. However, some people make the mistake of thinking that all of these features can be compiled into one package. Often, this is not the case. When you successfully enhance your agency’s service stack, the pay off will be happier, more engaged clients who have great things to say about your agency.

In this blog, we walk you through how to grow your digital agency by offering the most enticing service stacks possible for potential clients.

The Key Elements of the Digital Marketing Stack

When considering how to grow your digital agency, keep in mind the types of services that your target clients are looking for. It’s critical to consider these services as conjoining groups that work together, not separately. Email services, direct marketing services and mobile services are important elements of growth marketing platforms. Data management, eCommerce and lead capture are all critical parts of effective analytics.

Therefore, you need to be sure that you are offering clients packages that provide them with the types of services they need for their business. The way you structure these packaged services will vary depending on the industry you’re in.

Ultimately, the goal of your digital agency should be to create a cohesive, collaborative environment that can effectively organize and manage your customers’ data.

How to Grow Your Digital Agency with Customized Service Stacks

1. Analytics

One of the first things that might come to mind when you’re thinking about how to grow a digital agency is analytics. This is one of the most acknowledged features to offer because everyone wants it. Analytics enables you to determine how well your ad campaigns are performing. According to Martech Advisor, analytics can enable your business to identify and to focus on the right prospects.

Incorporating a service such as Google Analytics into your digital agency service stack will allow your clients to measure conversions and engagement. Some analytics platforms can go so far as to provide you with information such as user behavior. This can help you adjust your marketing strategy down the road.

Other analytics platforms can help elongate the lifespan of your marketing campaign. This can give clients more bang for their buck, so to speak.

2. Data Management

Collecting data is one thing. Sorting through all that information and using it to your advantage is another thing. This is where data management services can come into play. Essentially, data management is organizing first-party data and routing it to the correct locations so that it can be useful later on.

If you want to learn how to grow a digital agency, you should evaluate what kind of data management services you are offering in your stacks. Integrating a tool like Zapier into your service stack will allow you to combine web apps and smooth out the workflow between them by using automation.

3. eCommerce

Increasing brand awareness and turning out a solid ROI can be very difficult with eCommerce businesses. That’s why, as a digital agency, you should be offering to manage e-commerce in your service stacks.

You can do this by integrating platforms such as Shopify. Shopify gives its users tools and services such as shipping and order management to help eliminate unnecessary tasks and smooth out the workflow process.

Providing this service in your digital agency’s stack will be very enticing to potential clients because it frees up a lot of their valuable time.

4. Lead Capture

This is a feature that too often goes overlooked by digital agencies. If you are not generating strong leads, then you are not making money.

Lead capture is crucial to growing an email list and converting interested parties into customers. A good lead capture service will enable the user to build engaging, personalized web forms that will help grow their subscriber list.

5. Personalization

No one wants to feel like they are just part of a crowd. That’s where personalization services come in handy. If you can make your target audience feel special, you will have a greater chance at making a sale.

The key to learning how to grow a digital agency is focusing on personalization services. This means delivering customized messages that make the recipient feel good. This can be customized email subject lines, push notifications and even something as simple as using the target’s name goes a long way to increasing conversion rates.

6. Growth Marketing Platforms

While these all may seem like separate services, they can all be gathered under a central hub known as a growth marketing platform. Integrating email campaigns, SMS, and push-notifications under one umbrella of packages will help to make data management and organization much easier.

A good growth marketing platform will help you create, execute and optimize campaigns. This will make the workflow smoother and save your clients a lot of time that they can then use to focus on other aspects of their business.

 7. Direct Mail Services

As a digital agency, you may think that you don’t have to deal with physical marketing of any sort. That’s not entirely true.

A well-rounded digital agency will offer direct mail services in their marketing stacks. Why? Because something as simple as a personalized postcard can go a long way in increasing conversion rates.

Direct mail services work great in targeting strategies as well. Sometimes all the prospect needs is a gentle nudge and they will commit to making the purchase.

8. Email Services

Of course, a credible and reputable digital growth agency has to offer email services. Email is arguably one of the most important elements to growing your business online. Everything tends to point back to having a large email list.

A good email service should include the creation, delivery and tracking of dynamic, personalized emails to hot leads. It’s not enough to simply send out a bunch of emails. You need to target your audience with customized subject lines, entice them with an offer they can’t refuse (like free shipping or a discount code) and track which recipients opened and clicked through the email.

9. Mobile Services

Mobile services are used in digital marketing strategies to enhance the user experience on mobile devices. It can also be used to figure out where your target audience is and how they found the website.

Offering mobile services is crucial to your digital agency because the mobile-friendliness of a site is a major factor in determining Google ranking these days.

Wrapping Up How to Grow a Digital Agency

Now that you know what services you should be including in your growth marketing stacks, you can use this information to entice new clients to purchase these services for their own businesses.

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