​One of the hardest things to do as a marketer is to connect the dots in your AdWords conversion funnel to figure out exactly which keywords and search queries are delivering your quality leads that eventually turn into sales.

Sure, it’s easy to set up goal tracking and see how many leads filled out a form and made it to your goal page, but can you put names and even faces with those conversions? For the most part you could, but not without a whole lot of detective work which eats up time and money.

Manually tracking specific leads within cohorts while figuring cost per lead, cost per sale and overall ROI is a very time-consuming task that doesn’t lend itself to scalability especially when you’re dealing with hundreds or even thousands of leads.

These are just a few of the issues and questions we took into account when deciding how to integrate Google AdWords into the SharpSpring platform. What we came up with is nothing short of awesome – and I’m not saying that just because I’m the CMO, I’m saying it because my life just got a whole lot easier.

Connecting your AdWords account to your SharpSpring account takes just a few seconds – literally. There’s no complicated joining of accounts or importing cost data or anything like that. Just a quick and painless button click or two.

Once your accounts are synchronized you’ll be able to get all the usual data like number of clicks, cost per click, and total cost. But we took it about 10 steps further than the normal data. With our AdWords integration you’re able to drill down to individual search queries that triggered specific keywords and see the exact leads and sales that resulted from that exact search query. You’ll get the lead name, email, gravatar and even lead score so you know the quality of the leads a particular keyword or search term is delivering.

Instead of writing a lengthy post telling you about all the bells and whistles, here’s a quick video that gives a quick overview of the AdWords reporting tool we’ve created.

AdWords Integration First Look from James Davis on Vimeo.


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Lindsey Sherman