You know the drill. Your website needs a makeover, so you spend four solid months on it. You update the content, refresh the look and implement trendy technology to make your organization look up to date. After weeks of reviews, approvals and testing, it’s finally done. And then it just… sits.

After it launches, you get back to your other job responsibilities you’ve been neglecting and do only minor updates until the next makeover.

Sound familiar? If so, your website might just as well be a billboard on a lonely highway. It’s out there because you need something. It might catch an eye or two, but it’s not really working for you.

Your Website Should Be A Two-Way Street

Like every good road, a website should go both ways.

Today’s web is packed with interaction, user generated content, dynamic search results and more. Creating a website with no thought as to how it drives leads is like going on a road trip with The Best of Kenny Rogers – you’re not going to get very far.

This begs the question of how one creates a dynamic website. A website that interacts with and adapts to visitors based on their individual actions and needs. A website that works for your organization 24/7 by engaging qualified leads. A website that’s a two-way street.

Marketing automation and the features that come with it open up the road – here’s how.

Use VisitorID

Your site is a way for visitors to learn about you, but it should also be a way for you to gain key insights into your visitors to turn them into leads.

Did you know that 98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms? VisitorID from SharpSpring uses reverse IP lookup to identify your site visitors, and provides you with contact info, including names, emails, phone numbers and social media links – effectively doubling or tripling the number of leads that can be harvested from your existing web traffic.

You can use this information to tailor your future marketing efforts to your audience based on their organizations, titles, etc. Finding out if they are CEOs, directors, managers or something else will guide your messaging, design and more to be more effective as you market.

Include Dynamic Content to build a lead generating website

Your website should be generating and nurturing leads every day.

When you implement visitor tracking on your website, your site identifies visitors and can react to them as individuals. You can then engage visitors by creating a series of landing pages where the content changes based on the visit number.

For example, a first visit may offer an introductory video, a second visit may offer an educational white paper and a third visit may offer a discount code. This series of landing pages effectively nurtures a lead until they’re ready to convert, and the dynamic content doesn’t stop after the click.

Add Email Automation

Not only is marketing automation able to track how a lead is interacting with a website and change its content accordingly, it can send an automated email based on the lead’s specific interests, engagement with your website and more, at exactly the time when it’s relevant.

Marketing automation can segment your contact lists automatically allowing you to send emails based on any specific attribute, including age, location, industry, visit number and more.

In essence, marketing and email automation allows you to:

  • Discover a lead’s interests, simply based on web page clicks.
  • Communicate with those leads 1-to-1 based on their interests.
  • Automatically notify a salesperson when a lead is ready to convert.

It can be difficult to describe how relevant and quick this form of email automation truly is thanks to behavioral-based marketing automation. Here’s a fast, fascinating and fun demonstration of how marketing automation works – try out this magic trick to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t Be a Digital Dinosaur

It’s not enough to just have a passive presence on the internet anymore.

Two-way websites that leverage marketing automation have become an exciting new tool for marketers to create one-to-one, two-way conversations that can triple lead generation figures – and it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

It’s time for an upgrade – sign up for a demo of SharpSpring, start engaging your website visitors  and create two-way conversations that convert visitors to leads.

Rebecca Wentworth