Marketing automation and marketing technology continues to adapt to the ever evolving technology landscape.

More than ever the emergence of marketing automation is allowing businesses to generate more leads, increase sales and prove ROI.

Here are the news, tips and features of marketing automation and marketing technology, that you need to be aware of this week.

Social Media Review

1. This article looks at Facebook stepping into the marketing automation landscape.

2. This article looks at the tools you need to have to be successful in marketing.

​3. This study looks at who is buying marketing automation services. There are two standout findings in the study. The first being that the vast majority of businesses were looking at marketing automation services for the first time. The second finding being that lead nurturing is the most requested marketing automation feature.

4. This is a tweet about making your marketing efforts matter by bringing value to promoting your brand.

5. This article looks at five tools you can add-on to your browser to help improve our content marketing efforts.

Lindsey Sherman