The Revenue Rockstars Series continued with a live-streamed session from SharpSpring Agency Partners Marnie Ochs-Raleigh and Sheena Graham entitled, “In the Winds of Change, Marketers Rise: How Rock Stars Roll with Change to Unlock Revenue.” In this article, you’ll get expert advice from the Agency Partner Panel, and we’ll outline some of the key highlights and takeaways from this exciting session.

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We’re thrilled to help attendees learn more about how revenue rockstars grow revenue throughout the entire marketing funnel in this new webinar series. Through the live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to attend each show and participate in Q&A sessions. And we’ll share key takeaways on our blog, like these notes from our session with Sheena and Marnie.

Sheena Graham on managing an evolving tech stack

So for me, I think you have to stay curious. With the multitude of options that are available right now in the technology space, as Marnie stated, not having a unified technology stack can really hurt your progress and your campaign effectiveness. At our company we try to focus on, you know, being teachable, being learnable, learning new things. Some of the issues are inherited because you don’t know what technologies your clients have, but some of it can be avoided, especially in our line of business, where we’re able to really talk about what are best for clients, what technologies they’re supposed to have, and we can avoid some of those issues, for sure.

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh on embracing change

Our company name being ‘Evolve’ really is the epitome of change, and we often joke on our team that if you don’t continue to evolve, you’re going to die. And I think that we’re seeing a lot of businesses that have gone through the last couple of years where they have really focused their attention on items that may not be keeping up with the marketing trends. And suddenly they’re far behind and they can’t compete at the same level with some of their competitors because they haven’t embraced or evolved their change process. So it’s so important to look at a change as an opportunity rather than as something bad.

Sheena on managing client churn

Some clients are going to come and go. So I don’t think we should feel like they’re breaking up with us, for sure. Clients will mature, but I think some of the reasons are, as marketers, sometimes we make the process seem so seamless and mundane. But we know on the backend how hard it is to organize campaigns and get results and how hard it is to navigate those things. But sometimes clients can get used to the process in the tradition of what you’re doing. So it’s good for us to make sure we’re proving our value all the time. Make sure that we’re having that variety. Make sure that we are consistently meeting expectations. And what we want to do is make sure that you are meeting and breaking those expectations and those goals month over month, year over year, so that you can avoid some of that churn. And if they do leave, it’s okay, they might come back. And if they don’t, there’s another set of clients coming in for you to help move forward to that same station.

Marnie on empowering your team to learn

We really enjoy having our team members participate in different webinars or there’s so many different conferences where experts are able to talk about what the trends are in the successes that they’ve had. We take it just a little next step further. And when we do have a team member that will go through training, we provide that time for them to do more of a group share so that, while they’re just hitting the top highlights of that, they are also being challenged with questions so that they can even dig deeper if they’re needing to. But then they kind of become experts in that area. Yeah, if it’s something that excites them, if it’s something that they’re passionate about, we want them to feel empowered to really own that position. And I think we’re all experiencing changes so fast that we have to take some dedicated time to say “it’s okay to learn something new.”

Sheena on the importance of streamlined, integrated tools

I’m not going to add a piece of technology into the mix if it’s not going to benefit the other ones, if it’s going to create a manual process, if we have to do some workaround to get it to work — that’s not going to work. And if multiple areas can use it. So if it’s just not marketing but marketing and sales, what’s the benefit? Because when you’re picking these technologies, it should work for the organization as a whole. So I want to make sure that that is always taken care of because there’s always a situation where marketing tries to pitch a technology, but sales will never use it, right? So now it’s harder for us to even get buy-in for that technology. And also, we have disjointed reporting, right? So we want to make sure that more than one department is definitely going to be using the technology.

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