It’s official and we couldn’t be more excited: Perfect Audience, a digital advertising and remarketing platform, has been acquired by SharpSpring.

The addition of Perfect Audience allows partners to reach beyond email and your own websites to reinforce branding and messaging across the web. It essentially supercharges the marketing automation benefits that you and your clients already enjoy.

“The ability to offer digital advertising tools and services in this way is truly a game-changer for our agency,” said Yusuf Young, principal at SharpSpring partner agency, FunnelBud. “Even better, weaving remarketing into our core offering provides a stronger reason for clients to stick with our agency and with the platforms we implement for them.”

SharpSpring + Perfect Audience

Remarketing is a Must-have for Digital Marketers

Your clients are already actively investing in bringing people to their website – but statistically, we know a huge percentage of those folks won’t become leads. To make that spending worthwhile, it’s essential to retarget these leads and reinforce the brand while they’re actively making a purchase decision. That’s where Perfect Audience comes in.

Perfect Audience brings powerful digital advertising functionality to the SharpSpring offering, giving you a whole new way to deliver results:

  • Drive quality leads to sites with lookalike audiences
  • Capture more leads by retargeting unknown web visitors
  • Convert more leads by reinforcing branding with remarketing
  • Bring in more revenue by upselling/cross-selling to current customers

Simply put, this is a really cool deal and we’re thrilled to see it launch.

One Platform to Rule Them All

Perfect Audience empowers you to design ads, define audiences, set up campaigns and pick bid prices, and finally launch ads across millions of sites – all from one interface.

Achieve maximum impact with access to the top 9 major ad networks, plus 200+ other leading networks:

  • Google
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Rubicon
  • Yahoo/Verizon
  • OpenX
  • AOL
  • AppNexus
  • Smaato
  • MoPub

Perfect Audience’s powerful lead functionality fuels top-of-the-funnel lead generation efforts, plus additional lead nurturing capabilities to maximize middle-of-the-funnel conversion. These features complement SharpSpring’s core feature set designed to track, nurture, and convert those leads into sales. Plus, easily measure your success across all channels for the greatest ROI.

By combining forces, we’ll be able to provide value that can’t be found anywhere else.

Let’s walk through the ways Perfect Audience can improve your digital marketing efforts.

Replicate Your Best Customers

Perfect Audience gives you the ability to target prospects that have the same known attributes as your client’s highest value customers with lookalike audiences – so you can attract new leads that are instantly more likely to convert.

Simply establish a source audience, like people who have viewed a video or previously purchased from your client (you can identify these people already in SharpSpring!), and use those data points to finds new, similar people.

Connect with Anonymous Web Visitors

Imagine a way to connect with the 98% of visitors to your client’s website who leave without converting.

With Perfect Audience, you’ll get a site tracking tag to add to their websites. The tracking tag then places an anonymous cookie in the browser of every person who visits the site.

The platform searches for previous web visitors based on their unique cookies across Facebook and thousands of websites in the Perfect Audience network, serving your client’s ads to them for a hyper-personalized experience.

Convert More Leads and Reinforce Your Brand

Let’s say a customer visits a site but leaves without making a purchase. With SharpSpring, you’re able to track those leads and communicate with them appropriately based on their behavior to close the sale.

Adding Perfect Audience to the equation means you’re able to take that communication even further. Show leads targeted ads designed to encourage them to return and complete their purchase when they visit other websites, use social media, watch videos, and use other mobile apps.

The user experience can be customized, much like with marketing automation, so that ads feature only the product they viewed, the benefit of purchasing from your client’s service rather than a competitor, or another special offer.

Remarketing helps you reach a huge percentage of people who came to the site and left without converting.

Upsell and Cross-sell to Current Customers

Did you know that existing customers are 50% more likely to try your clients’ new products and typically spend 31% more when compared to new customers?

It’s natural to focus on customers that haven’t converted yet, but it’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open with existing customers.

Perfect Audience allows you to retarget existing customers with relevant ads, increasing each customer’s lifetime value and average order value, in turn increasing your revenue per customer.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about what’s happening next.

Big Things Ahead

With single sign-on and unified billing between SharpSpring and Perfect Audience, we’ll be able to provide a unique and revolutionary solution for you and your clients.

SharpSpring partner agencies will have the ability to manage all clients’ digital ads in one place – plus leverage never-before-seen ad functionality that will tie into marketing automation features you currently enjoy like:

  • Campaign assignment
  • Dynamic lists
  • Lead scoring
  • Life of the Lead
  • Workflow triggers/filters
  • End-to-end ROI Reporting

Before you read on, we’d like to recognize that some people may think we buried the lede on this next one…

The Perfect Audience acquisition also allows SharpSpring to become an official Facebook Marketing Partner, which means we’re able to take the next step in fulfilling a popular customer request: adding Instagram to SharpSpring’s existing social media management tools!

All in all, this exciting new capability to manage display ads empowers partners to reach customers beyond the inbox, and we hope agency partners are as excited as we are. For more information about SharpSpring’s acquisition of Perfect Audience, make sure to check out our press release.

Rick-Carlson CEO SharpSpring
Rick Carlson