If you’re an agency seeking a marketing automation partner, you don’t need to look any further than SharpSpring. Why are we so confident? Put simply, we built our entire company around marketing agencies and that focus affects everything we do. Want some proof? Well here you go! First off, we have an incredible agency pricing model. With SharpSpring, your customers are yours. We never stand between you and your client. That means you decide if or how much to charge them. SharpSpring’s agency pricing costs your agency a tiny fraction of the cost of competing solutions, and is offered month-to-month with no long-term contract. You’re always in control.

With SharpSpring, you get unmatched agency-focused support. Each of our agency partners gets a dedicated account manager who is readily available and who knows you and your clients inside and out. We’re talking about real, live human beings that you can call, chat with and email. Our support is always unlimited and always free.

Third, you get a comprehensive set of agency-focused features. SharpSpring’s rebrandable, single sign-on platform reinforces your brand with your clients every time they log in. It’s simple and intuitive; it works the way you do. SharpSpring’s agency platform is designed to make your life easy, so you can build your business and focus on providing value.

Finally, SharpSpring has the most flexible agency architecture. Your agency has better things to do than convince your clients to switch the tools they’re already using. SharpSpring simply works, and it works with any CMS, all major CRMs and form builders. You can be up and running in minutes. SharpSpring is the only agency-focused marketing automation and we were built around marketing agencies like yours – that’s why hundreds of agencies around the world have chosen SharpSpring for marketing automation. So let’s talk! We’d love to hear from you.

Teresa Gordon