Smart Marketing Agencies Drive 1-to-1 Conversation – Not Mass Emailing

SS-Admin - Fri, May 30, 2014

(For an introduction, please see What is Marketing Automation?)

When marketing automation is applied correctly, agencies view the features of the software as extremely beneficial. One of these features is email automation. Marketing automation allows an agency to send relevant information that appeals to the lead’s interests and this makes the information valuable to the lead.

Study after study shows that this type of highly personalized and tailored communication has a much larger conversion rate than traditional and primarily irrelevant email blasts. This larger conversion rate occurs, because the lead finds the information helpful and the more personable communication allows a salesperson to bring the lead down the sales funnel in a natural, organic way.

The Problem with Sending Mass Emails

Email Service Providers (ESP) use the concept of mass emailing to constantly contact prospects with irrelevant information just to stay at the top of the prospect’s mind. Basic email service providers like Constant Contact can only send mass emails that treat everyone the same.

This type of inaccurate and irrelevant email is (correctly) called spam.

ESPs cannot target the specific interests of a lead, because ESPs lack the ability to track a prospect’s “beyond the click” behavior.  “Beyond the click” is a marketing automation feature that uses behavior-based tracking to automatically segment leads and to send information that is relevant to the lead.

Amazon is an example of tracking “beyond the click” behavior.  After a customer purchases an item, Amazon will suggest similar or complementary products to the product the customer just added to their shopping cart. These recommendations are viewed in a positive light because the information is relevant and useful.

Marketing automation is now making this type of technology available to even the smallest agencies and consumers are better served as a result.

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This post is adapted from an interview with Rick that originally appeared on the crazyegg blog.

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