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Perhaps the more appropriate question would be “why are there no affordable marketing analytics apps that deliver actionable information for my small business?” (I’ll get to who we are in a minute). If you’re an enterprise marketer, then it’s a different situation. There are big products out there to meet your big needs. But those big products are overkill for SMBs. They’re complicated, expensive, and seem to be impossible to configure without an army of consultants.

SMB sales and marketing toolkits have for years revolved around CRM systems (usually Salesforce.com) and Google Analytics. Both of these can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of your inbound online marketing and account management activities for not a whole lot of money. The effectiveness of your offline and outbound activities, not so much. And that’s where a lot of SMB marketing dollars get spent.

This gaping hole in the market has become more and more apparent over the years of managing SMBs. We’d be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on outbound marketing activities to drive leads to the sales team, but we’d have zero visibility into what was working and, more importantly, what wasn’t. So we started looking at the analytics in a different way and developed a whole different approach to tracking results.

The transformation was nothing short of stunning. Within a month, we were able to cut our cost per lead in half and within three months sales were up 80%. Plus, we could see exactly where we were getting the best return on our marketing dollars – and it wasn’t costing us a fortune to extract that information.

So we jumped at the opportunity to build our ideas into a full-blown solution that could bring the same low-cost, high-value results to other businesses, and do it in a way that let you see how well it’s paying for itself as you’re using it. With SharpSpring, you decide what it’s worth to your business to have the kind of analytics Google gives you for shopping cart activities but applied to sales team-based operations, trade shows, print ads, and call center teams as well as online marketing activities.

More About SharpSpring from Constant Contact

SharpSpring is a cloud-based revenue growth and marketing automation platform that improves the effectiveness of small business’s (SMBs) marketing strategy. Designed for SMBs, and often delivered by digital marketing agencies, SharpSpring generates leads, improves conversions to sales, and drives higher returns on marketing investments.

In 2021, SharpSpring was acquired by Constant Contact, an established leader in online marketing. The acquisition gives Constant Contact’s SMB clients the ability to easily and successfully engage customers throughout their journey, helping clients deliver better marketing-driven results.

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Eric Stockton