Before we spring forward, let’s take a look back at the week that was in social media.

Here is a look at the 10 stories that highlight the week of March 3-March 9 in the world of marketing, marketing automation and marketing technology.

Social Media Links


No. 1

Here is an article on the benefits of marketing automation despite the initial difficulties with adapting to the software.

No. 2

This article focuses on how the communication preference of mobile phones will  force technology marketing to follow the mobile path.

No. 3

This article looks at how Google  search is being replaced on mobile phones with dedicated apps. For example, Yelp is a site that people use to search for local business, restaurants and movie theaters. It also has customer reviews. The click-to-call option is also a convenient choice for smartphone users.

No. 4

This story looks at how topic-oriented lead nurturing can help convert leads into sales through marketing automation.

No. 5

This is a funny look at some of the weird things going on with marketing technology. Something tells me Michael Scott would love the bacon alarm clock.


No. 6

This is an article about how certain phrases that marketers use can be a detriment to a marketing strategy.

No. 7

This is a list of 25 individuals, who provide outstanding insight on Twitter and represent different skills within marketing automation

No. 8

This is an article about the first mobile marketing automation platform from Kahuna. It isn’t just an app that does a couple of automation tasks, it is a fully functional marketing automation platform for mobile devices.

No. 9


This story has multiple writers who discuss whether marketing to children should be gender-neutral. I personally think it shouldn’t be gender neutral.

No. 10


This article looks at the different ways humor can be used in marketing. The key is utilizing humor, while not allowing the audience to lose sight of the brand.

Isabel Hasty
Isabel Hasty writes and edits case studies to share client success stories and industry trends. She produces a variety of lead-generation content, including white papers, blogs, infographics, and thought leadership articles.