“What time works best for you?”

“I’m actually busy at that time, what about later in the day?”

“I’m out of the office that afternoon. What about the following day?”

“I’m in meetings all day, how does Friday morning look for you?”

Ah, the dreaded back of forth of scheduling meetings. :cringe: Luckily there’s an easy new way to solve the scheduling struggle. SharpSpring’s Meetings allows teams to easily book appointments without unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

Eliminate scheduling friction with leads and prospects so you can optimize the time your team spends selling, ultimately improving sales conversions and boosting revenue. The Meetings tool empowers your team members to publish their availability so prospects can self-schedule appointments any time—hassle-free.

Everything you need, all in one place
Meetings comes fully integrated with SharpSpring’s full suite of marketing and sales tools. You can take full advantage of powerful interactions with all your favorite marketing automation features—like the Visual Workflow builder, Activity Feed, Task Manager, and SmartMail. Add in the power of Sales Optimizer and you’ll have everything you need to quickly scale the cadence and quality of your engagement with prospects!

Amplify the impact of every sales meeting
Go beyond the capabilities of a standalone calendar tool. Meetings allows you to trigger high-impact marketing and sales automation with a booked meeting. When a lead schedules a consultation, demo, or call, SharpSpring instantly assigns a sales rep to host the meeting and triggers a notification to that host with the meeting date and type. You can also create a new opportunity from a booked meeting, boost lead scores or trigger a follow-up email once a meeting is complete, so a lead never gets forgotten again.

Let’s say a lead self-schedules a consultation for Monday morning on Sunday. SharpSpring can automatically send a confirmation email, notify your team, and create a new opportunity so they’ll be set up for success—even when they’re not in the office.

Reduce no shows and boost conversions
Ever had a meeting scheduled with a lead who doesn’t show up? Sure, they may have ghosted you, but there’s a good chance they just forgot. Meetings automatically sends out confirmation and reminder emails to help reduce no shows, and our seamless integration with Zoom adds the meeting link right to the lead and host calendar invites so you never miss a beat with your leads again.

Stay up-to-date on team availability
It’s never been easier to manage a busy sales team with SharpSpring. Scheduled events appear on personal calendars for review and modification. Admins can manage Meetings settings and white-label meeting links to provide an immersive experience for leads. Salespeople can see meeting events in their Task Manager, Activity Feed and Life of the Lead so they can stay on top of daily meetings and view past interactions. All this visibility makes it easier than ever to streamline your sales management process with a birds-eye view of your team’s availability and upcoming meetings for the week.

There’s no need to waste time or energy on assigning leads with Meetings. When a new lead books a meeting looking for more information about you, SharpSpring’s solution can automatically assign the next available sales rep to host that meeting.

SharpSpring's Meetings tool in actionSync with Google Calendar and Outlook, we’ll handle the rest
Getting started is simple. Sync your Google or Outlook 365 calendar, select your general availability, and SharpSpring generates a dynamic booking form so your prospects can self-schedule time. For team meetings, each form comes with a unique meeting link that you can share via Smart Mail or include as a CTA in your landing pages and blogs.

Discover how this robust tool can help you spend less time scheduling and more time selling by booking a personalized demo today.

Already a SharpSpring customer? Learn how to get started saving time with Meetings.

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