If you think marketing automation is just another type of software for techies, think again. It’s designed for marketers just like you. So, what benefits can marketing automation really provide? Below we’ll explore what marketing automation is already bringing to the table for businesses around the world. Prepare to see how this new bit of technology can help bring your business closer to your customers with the end result of increasing sales.

Personalized customer experience

Marketing automation enhances your customers’ experience through improved personalization. People like to be talked to as human beings, not as random numbers generated from a website form. Marketing automation gives you the power to address each and every person not just by name, but also by interest, engagement and even buying power. This personalized interaction helps move potential clients through the customer journey.

Campaign management and control

Marketing automation tools can help automate your ad campaigns and communications with leads. You can track end-to-end ROI on marketing communications across multiple platforms. You can also make communications more relevant through dynamic list segmentation. You can gain insights into individual customer profiles, and monitor multiple channels to check on their status and where they are in the buying cycle. Simply put, it makes campaigns more manageable.

Use time more effectively

Agencies and businesses that use marketing automation effectively are able to manage their time. By automating repetitive tasks such sending out nurture communications, monitoring sales and leads, and identifying which leads are ready to buy and which aren’t, marketing automation allows users to focus on other tasks while knowing that their leads are in good hands. Your marketers can focus on where they shine – creating and executing new lead generation campaigns.

Presence across multiple channels

With marketing automation, you can expand your campaigns across multiple channels like email and social media. By establishing a constant presence, you help your brand build awareness among prospective leads.


Need to provide a quick roll-up for a meeting with the C-suite? Marketing automation helps you quickly gather the data you need to report concisely on the details that matter most. You can create and download detailed reports from your marketing automation tool in minutes.

From this data, you can decide which campaigns are effective and which should be canned. This saves you time, money and the frustration of wasting your marketing budget on campaigns that don’t actually deliver a great ROI.

Ready to start?

The good news is that there are many choices for marketing automation providers and each brings value to various industries and business types. Start by finding out who offers marketing automation, which solutions are the highest ranked, and then contact some vendors to find out what features they offer.

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Mark Brown
Mark is a content writer for SharpSpring inc. With over 4 years of digital and content marketing experience across film, journalism and travel, he offers insights to marketers around the world so that they can get through the digital static of the 21st century.