91% of B2B marketers now consciously deploy content marketing as a major part of their overall marketing strategy. – Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing has become ubiquitous with B2B marketers, but now the problem is standing out. How can marketers adjust their strategy to cut through the noise and boost engagement?

Enter video marketing.

Video marketing can increase your web traffic, conversion rates and social engagement. Most people prefer to consume information via video over other content formats. Incorporate video into your outbound and inbound marketing strategies, and your audience will keep coming back for more.

In this issue of Agency Perspectives by Travis Simpson of Symbolscape Media, you’ll learn how to improve your content to engage with your contacts. Find out how to:

  • Increase customer engagement with video.
  • Multiply your video subscribers.
  • Optimize your video strategy with automation.

Isabel Hasty
Isabel Hasty writes and edits case studies to share client success stories and industry trends. She produces a variety of lead-generation content, including white papers, blogs, infographics, and thought leadership articles.
Ralph Duvers
Ralph is a digital marketing intern at SharpSpring. His experience includes working for an agency and an education services firm. Working as a digital strategist, Ralph has a keen interest in social media and analytics, and helps to implement SharpSpring’s marketing initiatives.