What Does the Future of Marketing Automation Hold?

Happy New Year everyone!

As the new year begins, let’s look at the future of marketing automation and how the experts say it will evolve through 2016. We know that marketers will continue to invest in marketing automation, but in order for the industry to grow even further, marketing automation vendors need to continue to provide valuable, useful solutions for their users and offer enhancements to meet their evolving needs.


Future of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will become more adaptable

Salespeople and old school marketers build applicable data, sort through it, and decide what to do next. You know that marketing automation does this on a greater scale. When companies deal with tens of thousands of leads, the analytics and intelligence of this task need to be automated in order for the data to be sorted and analyzed effectively. The results of data analysis means that marketing data can reach the right people at the right time.

If marketing automation continues to innovate according to the modern marketer’s needs, we can expect to see it taking over other tools and functions, making it an adaptable, one-stop platform for all of your digital marketing needs.

B2B marketing data will become more important

B2B marketing data tools are commonly referred to as predictive analytics platforms and are just now beginning to become a standalone marketing tool. The original intent for these tools was for marketing departments to decide which prospects were ready to talk to the sales team. Now marketers can use these tools to do everything a salesperson does in terms of determining the most sales-ready leads, segmenting and more… and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. These tools will integrate with marketing automation to allow you to take the best action based on the insights you have learned, as well as build a greater understanding of your ideal client.


CRM Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will become easier to use

Marketing automation has only scratched the surface of its full potential, but it needs to keep the user in mind as it evolves. Businesses need marketing automation to flow freely and work across different functional areas. In order to accomplish this, marketing automation tools will need to be easy to use and integrate. Customizable marketing automation solutions that integrate with their CRM and other database platforms will be the leaders.

Enter the second generation of marketing automation

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