Emails are piling up on consumers, and cutting through all that digital noise means that hyper-personalization is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. That’s where dynamic email comes in.

Simply put, dynamic email changes based on the recipients attributes, interests and actions. No coding required. Swap out entire phrases, images, videos and calls to action with a point-and-click interface, all based on what you know about your contacts.

Take a travel agency that has to market to thousands, or even millions of people. Creating custom emails manually would be impossible. With dynamic email, your emails intelligently adapt to each consumer. “You loved Hawaii? Let’s plan your next getaway to the Bahamas.”

Increase click-through and conversion by speaking directly to what is important to your consumer. Personalized, easy, powerful – dynamic email from SharpSpring. Your audience deserves a better class of communication.

Teresa Gordon