Ready to learn how agencies and SMBs worldwide can save time and seize opportunity with the power of marketing automation? Read on and discover how one digital marketing agency partnered with SharpSpring to help a client streamline their marketing efforts in the midst of a pandemic.

A Quick Overview

For specialty watch repair shop, Tick King, mining client data was never a streamlined process. With all the demands and everyday pressures of doing business, data management simply couldn’t be placed at the top of their priority list. Sound like a familiar scenario? If so, it’s no surprise!

For many SMBs, resources are limited and focus must be placed on operations and day-to-day business management. In Tick King’s case, this resulted in a disorganized and under-utilized list of current and past customers. New inquiries were handled haphazardly if and when they had time to tackle them. Needless to say, Tick King was looking for help to organize their existing and incoming client data and make better use of the many leads they had access to but weren’t taking advantage of due to limitations in their system.

Ready for a change, Tick King teamed up with AI marketing and sales agency Xposure Creative – and they’ve never looked back! Xposure Creative specializes in utilizing technology and creative marketing methods to entice prospects and convert them into sales. Just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Xposure Creative partnered with SharpSpring to enable Tick King to target more than 1,000 existing client email addresses and utilize automation to easily manage the resulting influx of sales inquiries.

Since then, Xposure Creative and SharpSpring have helped Tick King to successfully move their business online while integrating their disorganized marketing channels, increasing the efficacy of their ad spend and growing their web traffic.

An Effective Approach

Using SharpSpring marketing automation in tandem with Google ads and remarketing, Xposure Creative has been able to help Tick King generate numbers of new leads and sales beyond their wildest expectations, while at the same time effectively utilizing their existing list of past clients to increase revenue via repeat customers.

Sales Pipeline

By integrating Google Ads into Tick King’s sales pipeline, Xposure Creative was able to show which ads were performing best and reduce waste. The pipeline was also used to help better manage communication with leads, allowing for better customer experience and more client trust in Tick King.

Xposure Creative also set up a system using opportunities to track and manage inquiries.  This generated tasks and follow-ups for Tick King’s sales team and also captured valuable customer information that helped the watch repair shop develop customer personas they can use moving forward.

Email Engagement

While Tick King improved the experience for current customers, they also used SharpSpring to improve communication with previous customers.

The business had an under-utilized list of past customers that Xposure Creative was able to target using SharpSpring. The result was an influx of interested leads, increased email engagement, and repeat sales for Tick King.

Additionally, Xposure Creative was able to set up systems so customers can refer friends and family with incentives. Customers are also encouraged, via an automated process, to leave a Google or Facebook review after a successful repair and return.

The Results

Since teaming up with SharpSpring, Xposure Creative has helped Tick King to:

  • Cut their advertising spend by approximately £400 a month, with no resulting loss of traffic. 
  • Implement an email strategy targeting existing customers that resulted in a 327% increase in new inquiries in 48 hours.
  • Rebuild their website to better perform on search engines – resulting in a 143% increase in traffic.
  • Program a sales pipeline to better predict future revenue.
  • Built a template library of emails to ensure a consistent professional tone in communication with clients.
  • And much more!

“Partnering with SharpSpring allowed us to join up the disjointed marketing Tick King was previously doing. And the platform gives you the data and knowledge to be super efficient with your marketing and cash.” 

– Nigel Lamb, Owner & Managing Director at Xposure Creative

To learn even more about how Xposure Creative partnered with SharpSpring to help Tick King thrive, visit their website, or check out the results in our case study.

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Rebecca Wentworth