Bridge Software

About Bridge

Since 2011, Bridge has been a leader in software development, enabling SaaS companies and their clients in the area of API integration.  API integrated systems are able to complete workflows across multiple systems and reduce costs by eliminating lag time, manual labor, and human errors associated with manually bridging the gap between software systems.

We build the “Bridge” between software systems.

How does Bridge work with SharpSpring?

Do you want another system to share data and keep in sync with SharpSpring automatically?

Bridge is a customizable integration software product that can connect SharpSpring with any system with an API (or automated data export). By connecting SharpSpring to other platforms, you can automate your work and keep things in sync, automatically.

The benefits of using SharpSpring & Bridge

  • Unlimited number of contacts or transactions.
  • Out-of-the-box bi-directional sync of SharpSpring’s Contacts, Opportunities, and Engagements.
  • Fully customizable to your business needs – no matter the size.
  • Integrates with both newer, cloud-based systems and older legacy systems – configured and installed for you.