About CallRail

CallRail provides call tracking and analytics to more than 50,000 companies and marketing agencies in North America. CallRail’s intuitive software helps data-driven marketers optimize the performance of their advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness and improve customer retention. Learn more at

How Does CallRail work with SharpSpring?

SharpSpring’s engineers have developed a CallRail integration that allows users to seamlessly sync their CallRail data to SharpSpring.

CallRail’s Dynamic Number Insertion feature can display a campaign-specific¬†tracking phone number on your website depending on your visitor’s origin to ensure that campaigns data is properly attributed. When a visitor calls the dynamically-inserted phone number, the call data will be saved in CallRail. Once the call ends, a lead will be automatically created in SharpSpring. Within minutes, the CallRail data will sync with the campaign, date, time, and a link to the call recording into SharpSpring.

Please contact us to learn more about capabilities and rates for this integration.


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The benefits of using SharpSpring & CallRail

  • Update contact records in SharpSpring once a new call has been logged in CallRail
  • Trigger workflow automations in SharpSpring from call data in CallRail