About Freeform

Freeform is the most intuitive and powerful form building plugin for Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine CMS. Freeform’s form builder is quick, intuitive, flexible, and works well with the tools you already use.

Freeform comes equipped with everything you need to create and preview simple or complex multi-page forms. Some of Freeform’s features include an intuitive layout editor, popular framework examples, automated templates, and much more.  Learn more at the Freeform website.

How does Freeform Integrate with SharpSpring?

Freeform’s SharpSpring integration allows users to map standard SharpSpring fields and all custom field types, as well as syncing form data to SharpSpring contact records.

Setup for this integration only requires a few steps within Freeform’s interface that requires a Freeform Pro Account, a SharpSpring Account ID, and SharpSpring Secret key. Once your integration has been authorized, you’ll be all set to begin creating forms in Freeform’s Composer.