Marketing Automation Lead Management

Marketing automation lead management is the process of using technology, machine learning and AI to automate aspects of lead generation and nurture. Marketing automation gives you and your team the ability to get the same (if not better) results from lead generation efforts without investing significant time and energy.

Marketing Automation Lead Generation

At its core, marketing automation lead management is all about generating and nurturing leads. Whether that conversion occurs on a landing page, social media post, form or email, automation gives you the ability to centralize lead management and follow up with email nurture to qualify your leads for sales.

Getting Started with Automated Lead Generation

To kick off your automated lead generation efforts, you need to begin with a comprehensive platform and CRM. Customer data is at the core of marketing automation, and lead generation is all about collecting and centralizing that data.

Start off by considering what value you can offer that might incentivize people to opt-in to receive emails and marketing outreach from your brand. This may include regular blogging they might want to subscribe to, a downloadable asset that offers answers to common problems, a sign-up for an event or webinar or even a contest, drawing or giveaway.

Make sure that whatever tactic you employ, your lead form is short, simple to fill out and that input data goes directly into your CRM. If form responses are sent to the wrong person’s inbox, there’s a greater margin for error and fewer opportunities for effective lead management.

Marketing Automation Lead Management

Lead management automation kicks in once a lead has entered your CRM based on a specific action. Using templates, email sequences and calendar integrations, your lead management automation will serve content to an individual user while providing the appearance of a thoughtful, personalized follow-up from your sales or marketing team.

If you’ve set up your automation workflows correctly, a marketing automation lead won’t know that they’re in an entirely automated process. Once you have prospect information, it can be added to a specific sales rep’s lead list in addition to entering the designated nurture workflow. At a specific point in the workflow, a personal outreach from this team member can be triggered with an alert directly from the automated lead generation system.

Cross-Team Collaboration

One of the primary benefits of a centralized marketing automation lead generation software platform is the ability to enhance cross-team collaboration between sales and marketing. Both groups have unique expertise to bring to lead generation and nurture efforts — the marketing team has the capacity and skill to generate new content, while the sales team has a unique insight into decision-making factors and common objections.

By monitoring a centralized CRM and automated lead generation system, both of these teams can get actionable insights about prospect behavior, content performance and user actions that fuel lead automation efforts.

Choosing an Automated Lead Generation System

When selecting the best marketing automation lead generation software for your business needs, be sure to look both holistically and tactically at the tools you consider. While marketing automation does save time and improve lead nurture effectiveness over the long term, it can also require detailed strategic thinking and set-up work upfront.

Make sure your chosen automated lead generation has all the features you need to maximize your marketing automation lead management efforts:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Interactive forms and landing pages
  • Email marketing workflows
  • Centralized reporting and analytics
  • Social media management with social listening capabilities
  • The ability to grant access to multiple users across teams for collaboration

When you’re ready to get started, be sure to talk to your team about implementing the new tools, take time to map your lead journey and consider all the potential factors of the buyer path-to-purchase that may impact your marketing automation lead management.

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