January 18, 2017

Coming Soon: Utilization Score

Your utilization score will indicate the extent to which you're using SharpSpring’s features, helping you optimize usage and improve results.

Utilization measures activities in ten areas of SharpSpring. At a glance, it will show which features you could leverage to enhance your marketing automation efforts and further grow your business.

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Announcing: SharpSpring Professional Services

Add to your revenue stream and supplement your agency's service offerings when you leverage SharpSpring's Professional Services.

Pricing starts at $75/hour, leaving you with plenty of room for mark-up in line with your rates.

We heard you… Many agency partners have asked for services beyond the free support we provide, so we created SharpSpring Professional Services to serve as an on-demand extension of your team.

Contact us for a menu of services and a quote. Remember: Partner support is always 100% free. 

Koertni's Corner: Helping You Grow

To kick off 2017, SharpSpring's CMO Andrew Dod wrote a blog post detailing key initiatives for partners in 2017, including hiring a new Partner Enablement Manager – that's me! My job is to help you grow revenues and profits by leveraging SharpSpring with your clients and prospects. I was formerly a SharpSpring partner at a marketing agency, so I have walked in your shoes. SharpSpring is committed to helping you grow and continuing to provide you with a powerful platform to serve clients. Andrew's blog includes a link to a survey where you can tell us how we can better serve you. Feel free to drop me a line anytime. I look forward to facilitating your success with SharpSpring.

Partner News: Certifications

Congratulations to 610 Digital for earning a Silver Certification and to mXtr Automation for earning a Platinum Certification recently. More than 20 partners have earned certifications in November and December alone.

Certification demonstrates your commitment to, and expertise in, marketing automation which you can leverage to bring in more business to your agency. You can conveniently take the tests online. Learn more about how to become a Gold-, Silver- or Platinum-Certified partner.

Any questions about certifications can be directed to certification@sharpspring.com.

Up Next: The Road Map

Stay tuned for further details...

  • Visual Workflow Creator: Watch your automation build on-screen. Visualize your workflows with intuitive shapes and positioning. 
  • Ability to Copy Lists & Tasks: Clone or duplicate a list or task, make changes and re-name it. 
  • Audit Log: See who last made changes to emails, landing pages, contact records, accounts, campaigns, etc.
  • Advanced Contact Manager Search: Search in the Contact Manager to return a set of contacts based on all standard lead fields, lead custom fields, lead score, accounts, campaigns and opportunities. 
  • Bulk Edit in Contact Manager: Take actions on the results of your advanced searches.

Brain Fuel: Featured Resources

Agency Perspectives is a series of articles from your peers with a focus on marketing automation. It's available exclusively from SharpSpring. More issues are available in the Partner Portal. Have something to share? Contact us to be a guest author.

Mission Possible: Quality Content Marketing

Optimize Your Content Strategy Through Marketing Automation and Social Media

By Travis Simpson, Symbolscape Media

Top 5 Pitfalls in Implementing Marketing Automation

Helping Your Clients Avoid Common Mishaps & Optimize Their Results

By Jerry Fraeyman, Biznet Digital

Rich Media: A Podcast on Marketing Automation Costs, Competitors & Outlook

The Sales Lion recently invited SharpSpring CEO Rick Carlson to chat about the latest in marketing automation. Rick and George Thomas spent 30 minutes talking about how SharpSpring fits in the overall marketing automation space. You can read the full transcript or download to listen anytime

Get Rewarded: Refer a Partner In-App

We want to reward you for referrals. Refer an agency that signs with us, and we’ll send you $500 USD personally and credit $1,000 USD to your agency. To submit and track referrals, open SpringBoard, select Get Support and look for the Referrals tab at the top.

Grow Your Revenue With SharpSpring Mail+

Have clients who just aren't ready for marketing automation? Start them out on SharpSpring Mail+ and then seamlessly upgrade them to SharpSpring. SharpSpring Mail+ is a powerful email marketing solution that's an alternative to traditional email service providers and which includes a taste of marketing automation. You get 20% off the list price and keep the difference. Learn more about this opportunity.

SpringBoard Live Training: Personas

Join us for 30-minute, partners-only training sessions to learn how to turn your marketing automation ideas into action. Your host:


Jeff Fitzgerald
Product Trainer

Topic: Personas – Dynamic Content
Skill Level: Intermediate
Date: January 20

Topic: Personas – The Full Picture
Skill Level: Advanced
Date: January 27

Invitations: Become a Guest Blogger

Do you have any marketing experiences or insights you'd like to share? Well, we'd love to hear them – and so would our readers. We'll work closely with you to make the process super easy, and you can expect to see great results for your SEO and brand exposure. Check out our guest blogging guidelines to learn more about the benefits and how to submit a post.

Webinar: Let’s Get Personal

Use Buyer Personas to Send Targeted Messages and Close Deals of Any Size

SharpSpring partner Candeo Creative talks about how marketing automation delivers results for all price points and which marketing automation features are best for addressing various buyer personas. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 25th at 11 a.m. Eastern. Registration will be available soon.

Partners-Only Webinar: Optimize Your Marketing With Two-Way Contact Syncing

An Exclusive Look at the Latest Integration in SharpSpring

Check out our new integration with PieSync, a platform that keeps your contacts in sync between all of your cloud apps, two-way and in real time. Join us February 15 at 11 a.m Eastern for a demo on the features and benefits of this integration. 

On the Road Again: Come See Us

Are you attending the B2B Marketing Expo on March 28 and 29 in London? SharpSpring partner Rob Thomas will be presenting at the event, so be sure to drop by and say hello. Thanks again, Rob!

Feature Sunset

As of March 1, 2017, Call Tracking will no longer be a feature of SharpSpring. If you are using this feature, we are available to help you through the transition. Please contact our support team through SpringBoard by selecting Add-Ons Call Tracking, or reach out to our customer success team at success@sharpspring.com