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Biznet Digital is a SharpSpring agency partner that specializes in digital marketing, website development and marketing automation services. One of its clients, Henry Ford Village, is a senior living retirement community located on the historic grounds of Henry Ford’s birthplace. Biznet Digital recommended marketing automation for Henry Ford Village, including web visitor tracking, dynamic content, lead scoring, automated email campaigns and personalized email responses.


Henry Ford Village (HFV) provides five levels of service: independent living, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing. On the HFV website, a contact form allows visitors to indicate which service they’re seeking. The form is on the most popular page of the site, but the process that HFV was using to follow up on form fill-outs was less than stellar.

When a prospect completed the form, HFV responded with an automated, on-screen “thank you” message that notified the prospect that someone from HFV would soon be in touch. An HFV residency counselor would then have to manually contact the prospect to continue the conversation.

“There was no thank-you email, no individualized reply, and no passing along of deeper content. We knew we could implement a better process for them using SharpSpring.”

Kevin Krason

Biznet Digital Strategist


Biznet Digital suggested setting up automated emails that would be sent to prospects immediately upon form completion, acknowledging their specified interest and providing more information on that topic. At first, the agency contemplated creating individual emails, but it quickly realized that such an approach would present a logistical nightmare. Writing content to cover all possible scenarios wasn’t a challenge, but managing the many different emails, tasks and workflows to support the effort was something Biznet wanted to avoid.

It was around this time that the agency had an “aha” moment — and it decided to implement dynamic email content.

“By using the advanced features of SharpSpring marketing automation, we’re able to leverage one email to personally appeal to anyone who completes a contact form. This eliminates the need for manual responses,
yet allows us to include information that is relevant to each lead.”

Kevin Krason

Biznet Digital Strategist


SharpSpring’s dynamic content operates based on buyer personas that are created in within the platform. In this case, the persona is defined by the type of service in which the prospect has shown interest. Upon form-fill-out, a single email builds itself dynamically according to the persona. Both the personas and the dynamic content are set up easily using a point-and-click interface with no coding required.

If a prospect indicates interest in independent living, that persona would be assigned and then independent living content would be presented in the email; if someone selected assisted living, assisted living content would be provided, and so on.

The beauty of this is that a single email in one workflow can handle all the permutations of interests that might come in from the “Contact Us” form. With dynamic email, Biznet was able to implement nearly a dozen different emails to address the needs of HFV’s prospects and leads.

“After implementing this strategy, digital has become the most prolific source of closed sales for Henry Ford Village, hugely outperforming traditional channels such as television, direct mail and referrals.”

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Real Results With SharpSpring

Biznet was able to bring in 45% more leads each month for the retirement community by utilizing SharpSpring forms, personas and dynamic content.

HFV received an average of 1,300 more web visitors each month after implementing this dynamic campaign - leading to increased conversions and a 16% bump in revenue.

HFV is now communicating with customers and prospects 4x more often than before it used SharpSpring. It transitioned from sending a generic monthly newsletter to sending out 50,000 personalized emails across 5+ targeted campaigns each month.


Based in Southfield, Michigan, Biznet Digital is an ROI-focused, full-service web solutions company, specializing in lead generation and lead nurturing. Its core offerings consist of marketing automation services, website creation and internet marketing, including search and social media marketing. Biznet supports B2B and B2C companies and can seamlessly integrate with agencies and in-house marketing departments.

Visit www.biznetdigital.net for more information.

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