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in 2021

14 Quick Takes from Industry Experts

Don't neglect your own agency while you're focusing on clients.

While you’re busy being a hero for everyone else, make sure you don’t neglect your own growth. To help you accelerate your agency in 2021, we’ve gathered all the best advice shared by the 14 marketing industry experts featured in our Agency Acceleration Series.

If you’re ready to push your revenue into high gear, start with these tips from marketing and agency pros like Seth Godin, Ann Handley, Rand Fishkin, Shama Hyder and many more.

I think being noticed is way overrated. It is enormously unimportant. You need to be trusted by the smallest viable audience. You need to give the smallest viable audience something to talk about.

seth godin

Seth Godin
Best-Selling Author/Entrepreneur/Teacher

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