Agency Go-to-Guide: The Ultimate Client Plan for Marketing Automation

Convert clients from HubSpot to SharpSpring and watch your revenue climb.

Most sales and marketing automation platforms do similar stuff: capture and track leads, segment those leads and automate communications, nurture leads through drip campaigns, tie ROI back to specific campaigns, etc., etc.

So, what makes SharpSpring different? We’re glad you asked. Our sales and marketing automation platform is the only one built around agencies. That means you’re able to turn what’s usually considered a line item expense into a real revenue generator. And that’s a big difference!

That’s exactly what Funnelbud wanted to do when they partnered with SharpSpring, and it’s an advantage we’re excited to share with agencies everywhere.
If you’re ready to discover the difference Funnelbud found we have a special offer for current HubSpot Solutions Partners. For a limited time, join SharpSpring’s Agency Partner Program, and we’ll pay your $3,600 HubSpot Solutions Partner annual fee.

Don’t settle for just some revenue share – decide for yourself how much revenue to make per client. Let us show you what it’s like to use a sales and marketing platform built for agencies.

  • Create better forms to launch prospect-facing communication.
  • Automate communication to maintain the dialog throughout the recruitment process.
  • Sort and keep track of applicants by using dynamic lists.
  • Optimize recruitment by utilizing a powerful network of tools.


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