Agency Perspectives

Pitching Marketing Automation to Clients

Overcoming Barriers and Engaging Various Client Personas

Trying to get your clients to adopt marketing automation? Find out what Vivid Image, a SharpSpring partner, does to effectively pitch marketing automation to clients. In this first issue of Agency Perspectives you'll learn:

  • The Barriers to Marketing Automation & How to Overcome Them
  • Effective Approaches for Different Types of Marketers
  • The Statistics Behind Automation and the Marketers Who Use It

0003_Steve"At the end of the day, understanding your client is the key to selling automation and getting the yes you desire."
Steve Gasser, Vivid Image

What is 'Agency Perspectives?'

This is a new series from SharpSpring designed to let you hear directly from other agencies about how they are using marketing automation to create higher value relationships, build monthly recurring revenue and prove value to clients.

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