On-Demand Webinar

The Price is Right

Live Air Date:

July 16, 2015


1 hour

Pricing is an integral part of a service firms’ go-to-market approach. Effective services pricing can be the difference between profitable revenue growth and losing money. There are numerous pricing methods, from fixed price/fixed time, time and materials to value pricing, yet, not all pricing systems work equally well for different types of clients and engagements. Without clarity on the underlying cost structures and a clear service delivery model, it's very difficult to price confidently. Many businesses end up picking a pricing approach for each client - one that seems to make the most sense at the time.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand costs structures
  • Learn what to consider when setting pricing
  • See how other organizations set pricing

Rick Carlson, CEO of Sharpspring  and John Stone, founder and CEO of Revenue Architects shared perspectives about pricing strategies for professional services firms and shared actionable advice and examples and on how to price services and present pricing models for your digital marketing services.

Featured Presenters:

John StoneJohn Stone

CEO/Founder - Revenue Architects

John is the founder and CEO of Revenue Architects, a consulting firm that helps businesses define strategies, implement systems and launch programs for top-line growth.
John has 30 years of corporate, consulting, and digital marketing experience in the technology sector. This includes his time prior to Revenue Architects as President of CrossTech Partners - an inbound marketing agency where he designed an innovative digital marketing technology and media platform and helped launch the Inbound Marketing Summit.

Rick Carlson

President/Founder – SharpSpring

Rick is a founder and president of SharpSpring, which he started with the goal of bringing marketing analytics and automation tools to small and medium businesses on an affordable and easy-to-use SaaS platform.

Rick has 17 years of executive management experience in the technology sector, holding president, CEO, general manager, and board positions at several successful Internet security companies.