Case Studies

Increase Sales & Nurture New Prospects (Even While Social Distancing)


McInnis Consulting Services helps brands increase revenue by driving more prospects to their websites and nurturing them through their individual buying journeys to turn them into customers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, restaurant sales diminished nationwide. But by utilizing SharpSpring automation tools, First and South restaurant was able to pinpoint opportunities based on visitor behaviors, quickly follow up and adjust where appropriate.

McInnis Consulting Services doubled monthly sales of $50,000 for First and South

They used SharpSpring to:

  • Increase monthly sales in the midst of a pandemic
  • Identify and nurture more than 700 new prospects
  • Give back to their community by feeding hundreds of local health workers



McInnis Consulting Services used SharpSpring to help their restaurant client, First And South, to smooth out a dip in revenue following tourist season.

They decided to run a VIP Dining Club program to encourage customers to buy a Dining Club card in the Spring that they could then spend over the rest of the year.

By spending money upfront, members would receive “bonus bucks” to use later, while First And South would benefit from the added revenue when they most needed it.


SharpSpring’s segmentation, tracking, lead scoring, forms, and notifications allowed First and South to pinpoint opportunities based on visitor behaviors and quickly follow up on them — and adjust and optimize where appropriate.



Tactic 1: The Right Message at the Right Time

The response to the campaign was immediate, with people purchasing the dining cards. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic hit — and almost overnight, the restaurant could only offer takeout.

Tactic 2: Find What’s Working and Pivot Accordingly

With help from McInnis Consulting Services, First And South retooled their SharpSpring forms to include a “pay it forward” checkbox and created a new email drip explaining that people could now help feed local medical workers simply by eating at First and South.

“Identifying, growing, segmenting and nurturing leads in SharpSpring is something that not only helped my client grow their business, it also turned into a first line of defense when a crisis hit. Even better, it provided them with a way to help their community.”

– Robert McInnis, Owner McInnis Consulting Services, Inc

The Results

SharpSpring proved to be an effective partner, helping McInnis Consulting Services and First and South restaurant to:

Serve more than 600 meals to hospital workers
Double monthly sales to $50,000 amid social isolation
Identify and nurture 700+ new prospects (and counting)