How to Beef Up Your Client Base

Mastering Client Acquisition at Your Agency
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Air Date: 
Wed, Nov. 1, 2017

Duration: 1 hour
Matt Chollet
Matt Chollet
Koertni Adams, Marketing Director, SharpSpring
Koertni Adams

Marketing agencies often get so focused on client work that they forget to market themselves. Sound familiar?

Hear how SharpSpring agency partner Matt Chollet from Catapult New Business uses marketing automation to expand his client base and scale business growth.

He discussed:

  • Why your top client should always be yourself.
  • Marketing automation tips to use at your agency.
  • Business development strategies for winning new clients.

One of the most powerful benefits marketing automation can provide is generating new business. Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to client work – check out this on-demand webinar to learn easy strategies for growing your agency.

Your Hosts:

Matt Chollet

Executive Vice President, Catapult New Business

As EVP of Agency Development, Matt works with agencies daily to implement repeatable new business processes that generate qualified conversations with their most sought after prospects. Utilizing marketing automation, CRM, predictive data, and bespoke content, Matt and his team look to provide a truly proactive approach to new business development.


Koertni Adams

Partner Enablement Manager, SharpSpring

Koertni came to SharpSpring from a partner agency. She has walked in your shoes pitching and using marketing automation. She now develops content, programs, events and other resources to help agency partners become even more proficient at growing revenues and serving clients.

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