Case Studies

Streamlining the Customer Journey


Credit Union 2.0 is a marketing agency focused on providing credit unions with digital tools and strategies. The agency supports clients with custom content, automated marketing, and strategic representation to increase digital engagement.

Using SharpSpring’s agency-focused automation tools, Credit Union 2.0 was able to double its client base and show those clients more value from their partnership.

They used SharpSpring to:

  • Build higher value relationships
  • Show clients more ROI
  • Grow monthly recurring revenue
Credit Union 2.0 increased recurring monthly revenue by over 100%


Credit Union 2.0 found that working one-on-one with clients to set up all the key elements of their marketing strategy was limiting the number of clients they could take on at one time. Proving KPIs was also difficult when Credit Union 2.0 was left to rely on clients to run and administer the marketing automation. They needed a simple solution that they could control.


By partnering with SharpSpring, Credit Union 2.0 has been able to more efficiently implement marketing automation, build and launch effective lead magnets, and report on the success of campaigns to their clients.


Tactic 1: Building Higher Value Relationships

With SharpSpring, Credit Union 2.0 found a simple solution to add automated marketing to its clients’ websites. Providing a simple, embeddable, marketing automation solution.

Tactic 2: Proving Value to Clients

Using SharpSpring for marketing automation, Credit Union 2.0 built brand awareness, generated leads, and nurtured those leads into customers. They’re now more efficient and able to show higher rate of success to customers.

“We have been able to leverage marketing automation and SharpSpring to create automated nurture sequences that drive lead scores, build the online presence of a startup, and generate a consistent flow of leads for our clients.”

– Kirk Drake, Credit Union 2.0 President & Founder

The Results

SharpSpring proved to be an effective partner, helping Credit Union 2.0 by:

Increasing recurring monthly revenue by over 100%
Doubling its customer base
Effectively building higher value client relationships