Driving E-Commerce Sales with Marketing Automation

On-Demand Webinar
Air Date: 
April 8, 2015

Duration: 1 hour
Dan Roche
Rick Carlson

Money for Nothing with Ecommerce

Money for clicks! Sound too good to be true? We’ll show you how it can be done with marketing automation.

In this webinar, Dan Roche from Lake34 Marketing shows you how to turn your ecommerce website into a lead-generation goldmine that will bring in conversions.

By taking you step-by-step on how his marketing agency improved business as usual for his client, Dan Roche shows you how he increased his client’s click-through and open rate by utilizing marketing automation.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Track buyer behavior
  • Segment customers based on interest
  • Develop nurturing campaigns
  • Bring shopping cart abandoners back to buy

The bottom line? The average orders increased by 165 – 200 per month. Find out how you can replicate this success with marketing automation tools for your own ecommerce business in this webinar.

Featured Presenters:

Dan Roche

Founder – Lake34 Marketing

Dan founded Lake34 to work with small to mid-sized companies focused on aggressive growth. He helps them leverage cutting-edge tools, and understand the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle to increase sales.


Rick Carlson

Founder, President and CEO – SharpSpring

Rick started SharpSpring with the goal of bringing marketing analytics and automation tools to small and medium businesses on an affordable and easy-to-use SaaS platform.

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