Sales Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

On Demand Webinar
Air Date: 
February 10, 2016

Duration: 1 hour
Dean Keipert
Joel Garland

Imagine if every email you sent could double your leads and turn them into golden sales opportunities, as if Midas himself were sending them. Now stop dreaming and start believing –  because marketing automation can turn that sales lead generation myth into a reality.

Revamp Your Sales Lead Generation Strategies

Marketing automation endows you with the power to generate countless leads out of cyber-thin air and then turn those leads into a goldmine of sales and customer loyalty. In this webinar, SharpSpring’s own Joel Garland hosted Dean Keipert of 3SixtyInteractive to help you find your Midas Touch (points).

You'll learn how to:
  • Increase the number and quality of sales generated by your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Use multiple platforms to reach all of your customers – no matter where they are.
  • Identify the pros and cons of paid media vs. owned media.
  • Leverage audiences from other paid platforms and make them your own.
  • Cut costs by turning paid media platforms (e.g., ad networks, social media.) into owned media.
Featured Presenters:

Dean Keipert

Founder - 3SixtyInteractive

Dean Keipert is a founding partner of 3SixtyInteractive, a digital marketing agency based in Flint, Michigan. Dean’s profound expertise has helped him generate leads and drive sales for his clients around the world, and his in-depth knowledge of marketing automation makes him an expert in both executing marketing campaigns and promoting brand awareness on a broader scale.


Joel Garland

Marketing Division Leader – SharpSpring

Joel is a triple graduate of the University of Florida, where he received his bachelor's degree, MBA, and law degree. In his current role as Marketing Division Leader, Joel is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing SharpSpring’s marketing strategies.

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