Improve Customer Engagement with Marketing Automation

On Demand Webinar
Air Date: 
September 22, 2015

Duration: 1 hour
Chip LaFleur, President, LaFleur Marketing
Chip LaFleur
Aletha Royer

Bona Fide Ways To Boost Customer Engagement

When you think marketing automation, it’s usually in the context of lead generation. While marketing shouldn’t stop when a lead becomes a client, customer engagement after conversion can often be a burden.

Don’t settle for a limited partnership with your clients. In this webinar, we demonstrated how marketing automation tools can help you optimize even the most complex communication plans and onboarding systems, making your business more scalable and enabling you to provide ongoing service to your customers.

Chip LaFleur, president of LaFleur Legal Marketing, shared a case study from a law firm that implemented marketing automation tools to improve its intake and client communication strategy.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Audit your internal processes to identify automation opportunities
  • Create process flowcharts to identify and execute automation opportunities, along with exhibits
  • Train staff to maintain and access marketing automation data

This was a great opportunity to see how automation is used in the real world to improve client relationships – not only at the marketing stage, but throughout the client journey.

Featured Presenters:

Chip LaFleur

President - LaFleur Legal Marketing

Chip LaFleur has led innovation in marketing and business development for over 15 years, and has spent the last five building, testing and refining digital marketing and automation systems for law firms. Chip has become an integrated partner with his clients, and as a result has been able to build efficiencies and systems to automate various touchpoints related to the client journey.


Aletha Royer

Director of Partner Enablement - SharpSpring

Aletha comes to SharpSpring from one of our first agency partners, where she grew a full service digital marketing department with marketing automation as the focal point. She brings years of marketing experience, both in agencies and on the client-side.

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