Level Up Your Event Management

Agency Perspectives

Give clients the ROI they’re looking for with these event strategies

Most of us love to party… but everything that goes into event planning, execution, and follow-up can be a little daunting sometimes. So what if you could build a repeatable strategy that allowed you to prep event after event in only 10 minutes? (Spoiler: you can.)

In this issue of Agency Perspectives, SharpSpring partner Yusuf Young of FunnelBud shares how marketing automation became the one-stop solution to his event marketing woes. You’ll learn:

  • How to streamline event invitations, registrations, confirmations and more.
  • Strategies to bring your traditional events into the digital age with repeatable workflows.
  • Follow-up tactics that convert event leads into sales.

Yusuf Young

Founder, FunnelBud

As a certified consultant in HubSpot, Pardot and SharpSpring, Yusuf founded FunnelBud with the mission to help companies succeed with Marketing Automation and CRM. He now offers his digital marketing expertise to Swedish companies, helping them leverage effective and easy-to-use marketing automation and CRM solutions.

What is Agency Perspectives?

Agency Perspectives lets you hear directly from other agencies about how they are using marketing automation to create higher value relationships, build monthly recurring revenue, and prove value to clients. It’s available exclusively from SharpSpring. Contact us if you’d like to share your expertise as an author.

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Level Up Your Event Management