Case Studies

Recruitment ROI: Cost-Per-Applicant Down 90%


Vareo is a marketing agency specializing in marketing, building career websites, building employer image and digital recruiting. 

SharpSpring is more than a digital marketing hub or CRM. For Vareo, SharpSpring is an efficient, effective human resources solution that empowers recruiters with the same tools as marketers, leading to: 

  • Better candidate recruitment, from more channels in less time 
  • Improved communication for both recruiters and candidates 
  • Less confusion when tracking return on investment

“As an agency owner, you have the privilege to work with different clients across various industries, as well as grow your own company and team. You help them understand how all these digital tools can help them achieve their goals faster or easier. There is never a dull moment, and what I love most is you are constantly learning and growing as a leader and as a marketer.”

– Nataša Mithans, Vareo


One of Vareo’s clients, a large fashion brand operating in seven markets throughout Europe, found it increasingly difficult to attract the volume and quality of new hires it was looking for through traditional recruiting channels.


Vareo used SharpSpring to lower its client’s high cost-per-applicant by giving them clear insight into what outreach strategies were actually working.

“SharpSpring’s technical support is fantastic. The support team consistently helps us incredibly fast and has solved 100% of our problems.”

– Diego Jaramillo, Incrento


Tactic 1: Campaign

Each time a prospect engages, whether it’s a visit to a web page, a social media interaction, or an offline data point, Vareo gains channel and user specific insights into what’s working and what’s not. 

Tactic 2: Custom Forms

SharpSpring’s native form builder helps Vareo’s client create user-friendly job applications. SharpSpring organizes data to apply lead scores and automated email campaigns to each applicant.

Tactic 3: Pipeline

The pipeline tool allows recruiters to move applicants from one stage of the application process to the next, all the while automatically communicating with applicants to keep engagement levels high. 

Tactic 4: Automated Workflows

Thank you emails, interview scheduling, rejection emails, acceptance emails, and more, are all automated within the SharpSpring system, giving recruiters more time to focus on finding the best talent. 

Tactic 5: Lead Scoring

SharpSpring allows Vareo’s client to assign lead scores to each applicant. They’re then able to view the most qualified applicants without any manual sorting. The higher the lead score, the more likely an applicant is to get interviewed. 

Tactic 6: User Roles

To eliminate confusion and keep everyone on task, Vareo’s client applies user roles and access parameters so that recruiters only see applicants that are relevant to the jobs they’re managing.

The Results

Vareo improved efficiency and effectiveness for its client’s employee recruitment process. Here were some of the key metrics:

10 Euros
The cost per acquired applicant fell from 100€ to 10€ in just one month during the first campaign.
The number of applications received increased by 47%.
3 weeks
Time to hire was reduced from two months to three weeks.