Recruitment ROI: Cost-Per-Applicant Down 90% with Marketing Automation

Automation that reduces cost-per-applicant, affecting the bottom line where it matters most.

Recruitment marketing helps companies fill gaps. When businesses struggle to attract the desired quality and volume of new hires, a system to help them convert, track, communicate with, and score prospects can be a game-changer.

To help fill these gaps for a large European fashion brand, SharpSpring agency partner, Vareo, suggested looking at recruitment from a fresh perspective.

Vareo knew their client needed better nurturing throughout an applicant lead’s lifecycle — from the moment the applicant shows interest, to the time they’re hired, and everything in-between.

In this case study, you’ll find out how Vareo used marketing automation to help their client:

  • Create better forms to launch prospect-facing communication.
  • Automate communication to maintain the dialog throughout the recruitment process.
  • Sort and keep track of applicants by using dynamic lists.
  • Optimize recruitment by utilizing a powerful network of tools.

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