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ReMarkAble Communicatie, based in The Netherlands, is a full-service communication agency that has served the international agricultural and food sector for more than two decades. They leverage a blend of creative marketing and automation to help their clients maximize lead conversion in an oversaturated industry.

ReMarkAble partnered with SharpSpring to:

  • Guide their clients toward better budget decisions.
  • Drive sales growth by tracking data and automating campaigns in one convenient platform.
  • Help clients use lead capture forms, email opt-ins, and other strategies to capture leads and nurture them until they’re ready to buy — saving valuable time and enabling them to scale up.

“Through understanding the online customer journey, we can better align with the wishes and expectations of our target groups. SharpSpring has proven to be a valuable tool in this strategy, and a complete and affordable solution.”

– Koen van de Sanden, Online Marketing Manager of Limagrain Nederland, ReMarkAble client.


ReMarkAble discovered that many of its clients were struggling to reach their ideal customers. B2B marketing requires multiple touches and careful messaging, and it was a challenge to come up with enough man-hours to close the deal. Most were relying on outdated methods such as sending out blasts of messages and waiting for the phone to ring.

ReMarkAble’s clients were spending too much money on outreach with no clear indication of who their qualified leads were. Meanwhile, their sales reps desperately wanted to be unburdened — and ReMarkAble itself needed a way to streamline outreach and position itself as the definitive marketing agency for the ag and food sector.


While ReMarkAble’s clients all have unique needs, a cross-channel, integrated approach was crucial to shifting away from the “spray and pray” strategy of capturing leads. With SharpSpring’s automation platform, each business was better able to nurture leads and drive sales by tracking data and automating campaigns with one convenient tool.


Tactic 1: Identify High-ROI Opportunities

With SharpSpring, ReMarkAble identified high-ROI opportunities for their clients. For example, clients were reluctant to try Facebook advertising, but data revealed that Facebook ads drove significant website traffic for the agribusiness sector. ReMarkAble used that data to guide their clients toward wise budget decisions. Everything was handled in SharpSpring, which also yielded qualified leads right into the client’s CRM for their sales team to pick up.

Tactic 2: Leverage Content to Generate Leads

ReMarkAble showed their clients how to leverage their content to generate more qualified leads. They noticed that many clients were attracting lots of website visitors but had no way to capture and retarget them. SharpSpring enabled ReMarkAble to help its clients use lead capture forms, email opt-ins, and other strategies to generate and nurture leads.

The result?

With SharpSpring, ReMarkAble’s clients can capture leads and nurture them until they are ready to buy — saving valuable time and enabling them to scale up.

New Leads Within 1 Month
Increase in Qualified Leads Per Month