The 4 Big Reasons Marketing Automation Is a Must for Agencies

Pinky swear - it's way easier than hugging a cactus

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You know it and we know it, change is hard. Not hugging a cactus hard, but still uncomfortable for most. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be, though.

If you’re stuck using the old tools of a mostly static agency website + an okay blog + an occasional email newsletter, make sure to join us for a 9-minute webinar — a Webinine if you will. You’ll learn why marketing automation is a change you simply must implement.

Digital marketing guru Jay Baer will share the four primary reasons agencies must implement marketing automation, and how doing so benefits the firm in multiple ways. Learn how and why marketing automation will both make your agency money AND save it money. It’s like a magic trick.

Your Host

Jay Baer

Founder, Convince & Convert (And 4 Other Agencies)

New York Times best-selling author, keynote speaker, and co-host of the SocialPros podcast. Join him for a relevant, timely session that will have you pumping your fist, and ready to get rolling with marketing automation immediately.

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