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Wednesday, June 7, 2017
1 hour
Carlin Sack
Rod Ferrier
William Seabrook
Brian Tobin
Bryan Tobin

Zap your way to integrated digital marketing tools.

Integrating apps — it’s not just for developers anymore. With Zapier, you can easily connect a wide range of digital marketing tools (e.g. marketing automation, social media, web conferencing services, etc.)
Explore the power of integration with Zapier and SharpSpring. Zapier expert Carlin Sack and two SharpSpring partners discussed their success stories. They covered:

  • Integration examples: Calendly and Ruler Analytics
  • Tips and tricks for connecting apps
  • How SharpSpring and Zapier work together
Your Hosts:

Carlin Sack

Partner Marketing Manager, Zapier

Carlin Sack is a member of the Zapier marketing team and a Northwestern University journalism alum.


Rod Ferrier

Business Growth Specialist, Create More Business Now

Rod Ferrier is a strategic LinkedIn mentor and business growth specialist. He helps business coaches and financial professionals harness the power of LinkedIn to make more profitable connections across multiple business categories and industries.


William Seabrook

Business Growth Specialist, Kampaign

William Seabrook is a business growth specialist at Kampaign, a SharpSpring partner agency based in Manchester, UK. Kampaign utilizes SharpSpring for all digital marketing efforts - from organic SEO, paid search and social to delivering meaningful numbers on conversion and ROI.


Bryan Tobin

Product Expert, SharpSpring

As Product Expert, Bryan is responsible for creating content to help users get the most out of SharpSpring. Working in collaboration with Marketing, Support, and Development, Bryan helps create an exemplary experience for every user.

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