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The Alliance and SharpSpring have partnered to bring agencies in the U.K. services to help them boost agency growth through sustainable and reliable monthly recurring revenue.

Agencies Need More than Just a Feature Set

You aren’t just trying to find the best vendor for marketing your own business, you need to find a partner that can help your agency:

Prove and Optimize Client ROI

Understand full end-to-end ROI and evaluate campaigns with accurate and relevant data - justify marketing spend to clients and optimize every campaign.

Build Recurring Revenue

Move from unpredictable project work to retainer-based relationships. Grow your agency into an integrated and indispensable partner.

Create Higher Value Relationships

Increase the scope of your relationship with existing clients, generating more results for them, and more revenue for your agency. Broader offerings also mean more new clients, so you’re bulking up your bottom line on both fronts.

Built to Work With Your Agency

SharpSpring doesn’t compete with marketing agencies. Instead, we built our entire company around them - and it shows!

Agency Pricing Model

  • You own the license, you own the platform.You’re not a reseller and we’ll never treat you like one.
  • We’re 1/3rd the price of our competitors – agencies can’t thrive if half their clients’ money goes towards marketing automation.
  • Month-to-month and annual pricing available. Stay because you want to, not because you have to.

Agency Specific Features

  • Personalize every aspect of SharpSpring to feature your brand with every send, notification or report.
  • Use one login to manage all of your clients from a single dashboard.
  • No hassle client management. Just add clients to your console and customize permissions – without asking for ours.

Unparalleled Agency Support

  • Support unlimited & 100% free.
  • Support is available by phone, email or chat.
  • Join thought-leadership webinars with current SharpSpring partners and live training sessions.

Limitless Integrations

  • Easily integrates with 3rd-party CRMs, CMSs and form builders.
  • Zapier integration with 100s of applications.
  • Built-in, easy to use CRM and call tracking software.
  • A powerful API to connect with what your clients are already using.

One Platform

Hundreds of Applications

With powerful tools like Behavior-Based Email Automation, Dynamic Forms and a built-in CRM, you have access to a full-featured marketing automation platform. Create drip campaigns, score and nurture leads, and manage your sales pipeline from a single application.

  • Track every lead – from website visitors to offline campaigns.
  • Prove your agency’s value with actionable reports.
  • Connect with leads on social networks and gain a 360˚ understanding of their interests.
  • Build and edit online forms in real-time.
  • Automate and personalize email campaigns based on website visitor behaviour.
  • Integrate with your client’s CRM effortlessly.

We Work With Everyone