Marketo Pricing and Reviews

SharpSpring vs Marketo: Compare Marketo pricing, terms, & reviews to SharpSpring.

Marketo Pricing

Review our in-depth comparison of SharpSpring and Marketo pricing and features. Explore why SharpSpring is a better alternative marketing software alternative than Marketo!
SharpSpring Logo SharpSpring Reviews Marketo Reviews
20k Contact Plan Basic plan with upgrade to 20k contacts
Features Comparable
Terms Annual and monthly options Annual and quarterly options
Annual Cost* $15,588 $27,000
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Terms SharpSpring LogoAnnual and monthly options Marketo Logo Annual
Annual Cost* SharpSpring Logo$15,000 Marketo Logo $33,300

* Cost for all products based on 20K contacts.

SharpSpring Review

SharpSpring launched in 2014 to deliver powerful and affordable marketing automation. It’s a flexible platform that integrates easily with other tools. SharpSpring has annual and monthly payment options and is a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Marketo Review

Marketo launched in 2006 and has been a market leader since 2012, providing an engagement marketing platform with bundled services including marketing automation, email marketing and more. Marketo’s price point is on the high end of the spectrum and an annual contract with quarterly payment is required.

Marketo Pricing

Compare Marketo pricing and terms to SharpSpring, the best alternative to Marketo. Review the details, including the number of contacts, inclusions, up-front costs, and onboarding costs.

SharpSpring Logo SharpSpring Pricing Marketo Pricing
20k Contact Plan 20k Contact Plan
Get Started Cost $3,298

(Month 1 + Onboarding)

Monthly Cost (Based on Annual Terms) $1,299/mo $2,250/mo
Annual Cost $15,588 $27,000
Onboarding (Based on Annual Fees) $1,999 $12,000
Contacts 20k 20k
API Calls Included Per Day 50K 50K
Users Unlimited 50
Emails Included Per Month 100K Unlimited

SharpSpring wins on cost and contract type

SharpSpring comes in substantially lower than Marketo when it comes to monthly costs and is also lower for onboarding.

SharpSpring Pricing & Terms Comparison

*$6,750 for first quarter + $12,000 onboarding

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Email Software Comparison

Compare Marketo's email marketing features to SharpSpring's features in key areas, such as the email designer, dynamic content, and render testing for email automation.

SharpSpring Logo SharpSpring Email Software Comparison Marketo Email Software Comparison
20K Contracts 20K Contracts
Total 7/8 8/8
Drag-And-Drop Designer
WYSIWYG Interface
Dynamic Content
Responsive Templates
After-The-Click Tracking
Render Testing $
A/B Testing
RSS Email Syndication

Email marketing features are comparable

Email marketing is at the core of all marketing automation platforms. SharpSpring and Marketo both excel in this area by offering all of the features that help agencies use email as an effective campaign tool for their client.

SharpSpring Email Features Comparison

$ = available for additional charge

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Automation Platform Comparison

See how Marketo marketing automation compares in key areas such as branching workflows, behavior-based automations, and automation functions that accelerate your marketing efforts. Explore why SharpSpring's automation platform is a better alternative to Marketo.

SharpSpring Automation Platform Competitors SharpSpring Logo Marketo Automation Platform Competitors
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 11/11 11/11
Visual Workflow Builder
Unlimited Workflows and Tasks
Triggers and Filters
Branching Workflows
Time-Based Automations
Behavior-Based Automations
Advanced Lead Scoring
Dynamic Lists
Advanced Segmentation
Dynamic Landing Pages

Similarities in marketing automation features

Automation is another area where SharpSpring and Marketo match up fairly evenly in terms of features, with both platforms offering marketers the tools they need.

SharpSpring Automation Features Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Form Building Software Comparison

Forms are a vital component of lead generation and nurturing, so marketing automation should feature strong form building functions. See how Marketo compares in key form functions, such as analytics, auto-complete, progressive profiling and dynamic form features.

SharpSpring Logo SharpSpring Forms Software Alternatives Marketo Forms Software Alternatives
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 12/12 12/12
Drag-and-Drop Form Designer
Dynamic Forms
Use CSS To Match Your Site
Custom Calls To Action
Progressive Profiling
Hidden Fields Supported
Referral Forms/Fields
Third-Party Forms Supported
Third-Party Post-Back
Native GoToWebinar Integration
Native WebEx Integration

An even match in form features.

Forms is another area where SharpSpring and Marketo both have a rich feature set and match up evenly. Both platforms excel in this area by offering all of the features and tools that help agencies to gather information about their leads, but SharpSpring is more affordable overall.

SharpSpring Form Features Comparison

Marketo Contacts and Tracking Platform Comparison

View a side-by-side comparison of Marketo and SharpSpring for contact tracking features. Learn about an alternative to Marketo for visitor tracking. Compare key functions, such as anonymous site visitor tracking, daily email of site visitors and more. SharpSpring makes it easy to track your contacts through the sales and marketing funnel.

SharpSpring Contacts and Tracking Platform Comparison SharpSpring Contacts and Tracking Platform Comparison Marketo Contacts and Tracking Platform Comparison
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 5/5 5/5
Identify Anonymous Site Visitors
Track Behavior History of Known Leads
Timeline of Lead Interactions
Daily Email of Site Visitors
Important Page Visit Tracking

Contact tracking features are comparable, but SharpSpring leads

Both platforms track information on anonymous site visitors and then tie those histories to their respective leads upon form fill-out. SharpSpring’s Life of the Lead sets it apart, featuring a timeline of interactions between the lead, your website, your communications, and any events or changes made to the record in SharpSpring.

SharpSpring Contact Tracking Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Landing Page Software Comparison

Landing pages are key to conversions and should work in direct support of your marketing automation efforts. Compare the landing page designers in Marketo vs SharpSpring, including key functions and features such as dynamic content, a template library, and more.

SharpSpring Landing Page Software Alternatives SharpSpring Landing Page Software Alternatives Marketo Landing Page Software Alternatives
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 7/7 7/7
Point-And-Click Designer
WYSIWYG Interface
Dynamic Content
Library Of Responsive Templates
Optimize For Mobile
Build Single Landing Pages
Build Landing Page Funnels

Both platforms offer landing page funnels.

SharpSpring and Marketo both offer landing page designers that go beyond basics by offering pre-built and customizable funnels – a series of landing pages designed to work together to convert visitors into leads. Both offer an extensive library of responsive landing page templates, and both make it easy to set up workflows from landing pages.

SharpSpring Landing Page Builder Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Blog Platform Comparison

Content is king of marketing, so make sure your blog efforts are as simple as possible. Compare SharpSpring's blog builder features to Marketo, such as social sharing, advance post scheduling and more.

Blog Platform Competitors Blog Platform Competitors Marketo Blog Platform Competitors
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 7/7 0/7
Drag-and-Drop Editor
WYSIWYG Interface
Dynamic Content
Library Of Responsive Templates
RSS Email Syndication
Advance Post Scheduling
Social Sharing Widget

SharpSpring's Blog Builder sets it a part from competitors

SharpSpring wins by offering a blog builder designed to crown your top-of-the funnel marketing and lead acquisition efforts. SharpSpring’s blog builder is also dynamic, allowing the index page to automatically respond to a lead’s attributes.

SharpSpring Blog Builder Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Social Media Software Comparison

See how Marketo’s social media features compete with SharpSpring’s. Compare pricing and key functions and features, such as social sharing, measuring social conversions and more. See how SharpSpring is the better alternative to Marketo when it comes to social media features.

SharpSpring Social Media Software Comparison SharpSpring Social Media Software Comparison Marketo Social Media Software Comparison
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 6/6 4/6
Social-CRM Integration
Social Profiling
Social Listening/Monitoring
Social Media Publishing
Social Media Conversions
Content Calendar

SharpSpring leads in social features.

Both solutions offer social media profiling and the ability for the sales team to interact with leads through social channels. More importantly, both platforms can track social media conversions/ROI, but SharpSpring wins with its content calendar, which allows users to get a holistic view of all their scheduled emails, blog posts and social content.

SharpSpring Social Media Features Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Sales Platform Comparison

Unite sales and marketing teams in your marketing automation platform. Compare sales tracking features such as integrations, lead scoring, and more and learn why SharpSpring is the best alternative to Marketo!

SharpSpring Sales Platform Alternatives SharpSpring Sales Platform Alternatives Marketo Sales Platform Alternatives
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 9/10 4/10
Built-In CRM
Sales Automation $
IMAP Syncing $ 3rd party
Custom Analytics and Dashboards
Report Scheduling
Advanced Lead Scoring
Book Meetings
Outbound Dialing/Call Tracking
Custom Notifications
Shopping Cart Integration

SharpSpring's sales features set it apart from competitors

SharpSpring sets itself apart from competitors by providing a free CRM that’s also optional (i.e., it plays nice with other CRMs). With Marketo, a user must have another CRM; otherwise data is simply stored in what is effectively a repository. This means that more third-party CRM software licenses are required in order for Marketo to be as effective, which also means more required integrations and more costs.

SharpSpring Sales-Focused Features Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Software Integrations Comparison

Integrations are vital to ensuring your marketing automation platform performs. Compare how SharpSpring & Marketo integrates with other tools like CRMs, CMSs and more, and how expensive it is in each platform.

SharpSpring Software Integrations Comparison SharpSpring Software Integrations Comparison Marketo Software Integrations Comparison
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 6/7 7/7
Universal CMS Compatibility
Open API
Zapier Integration
PieSync Integration
Multiple Device Tracking
Third-Party/Native Form Compatibility
Native Salesforce Integration $

Software integrations are comparable

The platforms stack up well here, with both offering key integrations that are of value to marketers.

SharpSpring Platform Features Comparison

Marketo vs SharpSpring: Platform Support Comparison

Does Marketo stand behind its platform with comprehensive, free support? Will Marketo support migrate you from another platform? Check out how Marketo compares to SharpSpring's comprehensive customer support. Watch out for extra fees in the total Marketo cost.

SharpSpring Platform Support Competitors SharpSpring Platform Support Competitors Marketo Platform Support Competitors
20k Contacts 20k Contacts
Total 6/6 4/6
Phone, Email Support
Ongoing Training
Platform Migration Support Included, but limited
Dedicated Account Manager Included, but limited
Library of OnDemand Training Resources
Live Chat

SharpSpring's customer support is more comprehensive

Both SharpSpring and Marketo offer platform migration support and a dedicated success manager, but Marketo limits support to 15 hours before extra charges are incurred. Additionally, Marketo charges a custom add-on fee for any integration assistance, while SharpSpring always offers unlimited free assistance to help with implementing integrations.

SharpSpring Customer Support Comparison

Easiest Provider to Work With

Fraction of the Cost of Competitors • Month-to-Month Contracts • Unlimited Users/Support

Agency-Focused Features

With single-sign-on, manage your clients all in one spot in our Client Management Console.

Free, Unlimited Support

Phone and email support is 100% free. 100+ training videos. A dedicated customer success manager.

Intuitive Interface

Get up and running quickly. Contextual help on every page of the platform.

Flexible Platform

Powerful native integrations plus an open API and universal CMS compatibility.

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